Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Country casual...Kilts and Fedora's

Tuesday went just as any given Tuesday would go, I did come in over my calories because of a Nutrition bar that I had later in the evening but not by much, total was 1540 calories. I did zero exercise as I am in the middle of an experiment with this weight loss thing, which may not be a good week to do it because of the light loss last week but, its Wednesday already so I am going with it. I am going to try to alternate an exercise week with a no exercise week and see how it goes, it seems to me that I lose more weight on average when I do that, results will be in in a couple weeks.

I have a wedding to go to in August, it is an outside wedding and the attire is "country casual" I don't claim to be a fashion expert so what exactly does "country casual" mean? and who in their right mind has an outside wedding on the hottest month of the year in New England? I have googled, I have asked an abundance of people and no one seems to know, I have gotten lots of opinions but none are the same and wify has not been able to get hold of her cousin to ask specifically what they mean (he is the Groom) so I have made sort of a game of this and am trying to figure out what this "country casual" means. I have got opinions from "khakis and a checkered shirt" to "country club casual, a polo shirt and try to look like you hang with people named Miffy" right on up to "maybe they mean Hee Haw" I am considering a kilt, of course with no skivvies underneath, with a bowling shirt and Fedora , thats casual for sure and the highlands are in the country right? if anyone that reads this has an opinion of what country casual is please comment.

Like the Salmon, I have received some inquiry as to how I prepare my sweet potato fries, so I thought I would pop that up here this morning for anyone interested, and this has to be the most simple basic recipe in the world and the end product really turns out well. first I take 3 sweet potatoes and wash them off, slice each one in half long ways and then lay it on the flat side on a cutting board. start cutting lengthwise into pieces approximately 1/8 inch thick, make them look like steak fries. once you have all of the potatoes cut like that you prepare the pan that you will be cooking them in by putting just enough Olive oil, or oil spray onto the bottom of the baking dish or pan (I use both a dish and a pan) and you want only to use a very very small amount of oil, just enough so that the fries do not stick. then I sprinkle a light coat of adobo into the pan over the oil, followed with black pepper, layer the fries in a single layer on the bottom of your dish or pan. then give them another shake of pepper on the side thats facing up and pop them into a 450 degree preheated oven for 10 minutes, after 10 mins check them out to make sure nothing is burning, usually I keep them in for another 2-3 minutes so 13 mins total cook time. make sure you check the under side because if they are going to burn they do it fast, make them a few times and you will figure out how long they take to be perfect. its really that easy and they taste great, its a super food and only has 25 calories per ounce, as with all of the recipes that I post, I hope if you try it out you enjoy the end product.

Thanks for taking the time to read along.

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  1. ok, how bout a wife beater under denim overalls? just kidding. i have never heard of country casual.

  2. hey, thanks for the great recipes as of late...can't wait to try to sweet potato fries & turkey burgers together!

    did a little research for are some links I found:

    seems like country casual clothing has an equestrian/outdoor feel...think L.L. Bean'ish.

    Hope this helps!


  3. I'm going to hate myself later for even knowing what 'country casual' consists of, but here goes:
    Think of it as Country (Club) casual.
    Comfortable to wear, yet well ironed, well tailored, polished clothes. Crisp khaki pants, a traditionally collared oxford with a casual tie would be suitable.
    I think the general impression of it is they want you to look nice, pulled together, and generally cohesive as a group without having to wear 3 piece suits.
    I would say LL Bean would be a little too casual-but everyone else is likely to push it-why shouldn't you?
    For the record, I am a seamstress, not a fashionista....

  4. I say throw caution to the wind and show up in the kilt! Just hope it's not windy ;) Heehee!

    Awh, you make your sweet potato fries like steak fries...I see. I make mine into tiny little thin strips so they get a bit crispy when baking. I'm a texture freak...I can't help it I like really crunchy things.

  5. Just looking through your blog... you are doing great, and it's awesome that you decided to do so publicly. Keep on shedding those pounds!

  6. When I think "country casual" and weddings I tend to lean more towards the Eddie Bauer version of country. My cousins did "country casual" and we ended up with everything from full suits to chinos with denim button down shirts to shorts & t-shirts. No kilts there, though, so I say go for it! Just be sure to post pictures after the fact :)

  7. Um, excuse me? What's up with that pathetic excuse for a kilt picture?? I've seen way better pictures of kilts out there. (wink, wink)!! :D
    So, Sandy....I hope you know that I have suggested the exact same thing to Tony - - wife beater/overalls!! Hahaha!! With flip-flops!! But, I say go for the kilt. When I think about "country casual" I imagine The Andy Griffith Show or chinos with a printed button-up with the sleeves rolled up...and maybe some boots of some sort (hiking, work, cowboy...haha). I bet you that you're not the only one having this dilemma. There will probably be everything from suits to overalls there.
    I can't wait until tomorrow - - to hear how sweet that scale has been to you! :)