Saturday, May 24, 2008

A lazy Saturday afternoon post. or so I thought

Here I am its Saturday afternoon, its one of those lazy feeling days, a stronger than easy breeze is outside, fat white clouds floating through a blue sky. I woke up this morning and went out to get the things that I needed to fab up the seat bracket for my Mustang and I got the new front seats installed they look great and shes ready to go. have a pot of soup on the stove and as soon as I finish this post I am dragging the lawn chairs up from the basement and headed out to the back yard with a beer to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, I had a minute and I try to be as consistent as possible with posting each day.

Fast forward 3 hours...

Ok I am back, when I said a minute I guess I meant literally, its now 7:30 pm, I was dragged away from the lap top to help with dinner and ended up going outside for a while. but that is all done and I am back. I snapped a couple pics of the new seats in the car and since I mentioned it I thought I would post them what do ya think?

My new old leather seats, I had to fab the bracket a bit to get it to work but they look and function good.

Ok onto the weight loss, I am into the 20's with my weight. this morning I weighed in at 429 lbs, and I only mention it because its the 20's! I just can't wait until I am in the 300's and this brings me that much closer. intake was good for Friday 1354 counted calories which included a light beer, but wify rented National treasure 2 and we had popcorn with it, which I did not put into my excel sheet so I know that I was above calories for the day. speaking of popcorn, I ran out of the cheddar seasoning that I normally use on my popcorn so I used this as a chance to try something out that a fellow blogger had mentioned doing, and I gotta say Thanks to andeely for the suggestion of making Taco popcorn, and what I did was use the normal bit of Smart balance omega 3 spread that usually gets put on, but I substituted the cheddar for taco seasoning, I have to say that I was surprisingly pleased with it. The cheddar is the best topping for me but that taco popcorn hit the spot and is a great idea for a change in flavor.

I ran out of tea yesterday so made home home brewed, which is fine by me but the Arizona tea is just so convenient. here is a photo of my empties for the past week and a half, think I drink enough?

My empties

and onto the menu for Friday.


8:00 AM
1 pear 85

10:00 AM
3oz roast chicken breast 150
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
tiny dill pickle 5

2:20 PM
1 tbsp peanut butter 95
1tbsp jelly 50
2 slices whole wheat bread 140

6:30 PM
6.5 oz roasted chicken 325
1 1/3 cup green beans 60
3/4 cups cooked white rice 150
omega spread 15
1 coors light 104

11:00 pm
Unknown amount of air popped popcorn
1 tbsp Smart Balance omega 3 50
Taco seasoning 15

Grand total of Oh I dunno, more than I should have had I can say for sure. wify rented Cloverfield to watch tonight but there is no popcorn planned as I don't like to eat late 2 nights in a row, even if it is just popcorn. I will likely not get a chance to post tomorrow (Sunday) as my Father in law is coming by to visit with the kiddos and we may be headed to a park for the day. I wish you all a great weekend and thank you all for following along.

As Ever


  1. Mustang seats look perfect!! Like they were in there to begin with. :)
    Geez.....what are you gonna do with all of those empty bottles?!? That's a lot of drinking you've been doing.
    I have an air popper, but I've only used it to make popcorn that was to be used in making Candied Popcorn! Is the popcorn good, right out of the air popper, to eat?? I'll have to try it sometime...and the taco seasoning does sound pretty interesting...
    Looks like you are still doing great...and I'm wondering how you guys liked National Treasure 2?? We've not seen it yet, but I just mentioned to hubby that we should rent it soon.

  2. Dang man if I drank that much tea I wouldn't ever be able to leave the bathroom! I'd be peeing my life away, lol!

    Yay, taco popcorn! I'm so excited that you liked it. It's my favorite!

  3. Robyn, National treasure 2 was good, it was not as good as the first one, but if you enjoyed the first one you will probably like this one. we both enjoyed it :)

    As Ever