Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It places the lotion in the basket.

I am up 1 pound from Fridays weight, I have been over calories since about Friday and I have that to blame. no worries I am sure I will take it off in a quick as I am back on track as of today and I was under calorie for Monday if only by a few, Mondays calories came in at 1454 total, Sunday I was in the area of about 1700 and Saturday I was around 1700 as well. I say "around" because I did not count exactly how many after dinner on both nights and both nights included copious amounts of watermelon and or popcorn. not terribly bad calories but calories none the less and I am up a pound to show for it. with that said I do believe that I may be up a bit because of all of the outside combined with the not adding extra fluid for the sweat and movement.

With that said we had a very busy weekend and by busy I mean lots of hanging around the yard or a park enjoying the weather. I have some pretty good color going on my face and head from all of the sun. Saturday was low key hung out in the yard mostly and not a whole lot of exercise etc, just a beer or 2 and some watermelon with some playing with kiddos mixed in, Then Sunday we went to a park with Grandpa (my wifes Dad) and looked at Hartford off of a hill through a telescope for a while until the kids got bored with it, and by kids I mean Me and Grandpa. Thats when wify saw an opening to say "Hey dad can you take the kids to the play ground while we go for a walk" so thats what we did, we ended up going back to the stone steps trail that I had found last time I was at the park and found out where it went...straight up! this is where some exercise came in, wify and I hiked up the trail to the end of it which ended up being the top of the hill that we were just on with the telescope so it was a short but all uphill trek that gave us both a decent workout on our legs and we were both breathing heavy. we decided to hike back through the woods instead of following the trail back and ended our walk/hike wandering through one of the gardens. all in all it was a nice relaxing day at the park that included some exercise, so exactly what we were looking for. then we spent Monday morning running a couple errands and the rest of the day in the back yard relaxing with the kiddos in the lawn chairs and tossing a ball around, over all it was a fun weekend with a little bit of exercise.

It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.

Now for some business, I am down 105 lbs (104 actually but I hit 429 on Sat and I like the way 105 sounds lol) and I feel great about it, I am doing more with the kids and wify, I hurt less, my back feels better than it has in a while and basically things are just easier, but I am starting to see some of the issues with the losing this much weight and have to admit that I am not enjoying that aspect of weight loss of this caliber. a photo was taken of me yesterday and I can see the "loose skin" issues starting to present themselves on my body. Here I am floating around feeling great about dropping this weight and bamn! a wall that I will have to deal with, a wall that frankly sucks, and theres not a thing that I can do about it but watch as my suit of skin gets as loose as the clothes in my closet. I can't help but feel like Buffalo Bill would love to get his hands on me to make a complete 3 piece suit but thats just my sense of humor making light of a situation that nothing can be done about, a trait all of us fat guys have I think. I told my wife last night that I wish it was Autumn so that I could just hide inside my hoodie until I buy some clothing that hides it better, I do not want to go out and spend a bunch of money on clothes that will not fit in 3 months so I am making due with the old clothing that I have in the closet that is smaller for now. when I started this whole weight loss thing I was in a 6x shirt and size 56 jeans were starting to get snug on me, I now wear a 5x shirt comfortably and a 4x fits me just not well, 4x is still too small but I am getting there, and I can get size 46 jeans to button and zip (which is awesome because thats what I was wearing when I met my wife and was the size I was when I was working out and running etc) but wouldn't wear them because they are still a bit tight around the waist, but 48's fit perfectly. I have a lot of size 52's and 46's and a few 50's and a pair or 2 of 48's so I am doing ok with pants, its the shirts that I am limited with for now and like I said I don't want to spend a lot of money on clothing that won't fit in 3 months, and for those of you that do not know, clothing in these sizes isn't cheap unfortunately for me, so the frumpy look is what I gots for now.

Here is the menu for Monday.


10:00 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

12:00 pm
16 oz chopped watermelon 144

3:00 PM
foot long subway club on wheat 640

5:00 PM
sugar free creamcicle 20

6:00 PM
2 cups of Dads home made soup 300
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150

Grand total of 1454 calories for Monday, and I am going to get back on track as far as my intake goes for the rest of the week. I am going to try and get out for a walk today before the weather gets here, we are suppose to get Thunder storms and wify said she heard hail today so after that starts no walk will be possible, and if not then its an inside workout, which I want to avoid as its humid today bleh. there you have my weekend and feelings on my weight loss thang in a few paragraphs. Thanks for following along with me and thanks for the support.

As Ever


  1. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend!! :D Glad to hear it.

    Sorry to hear about the loose skin issue already. I guess it is somehting that is inevitible, huh. Kind of like growing a baby will likely leave behind stretch marks and a non-tight belly. I guess putting a lot of weight on and then taking it back off will leave behind similar negative evidence to most people. All I can say is that you are surely doing it the best and most effective way possible, and whether it leaves loose skin or not, you are a healthier person now....and have done an awesome job with sticking to your plan to lose weight!! You are staying more hydrated than most people on the whole planet probably do, so your skin has got that to help keep it in tip-top shape. If there is anything else you can do to tighten your skin up, as you lose more weight, I know you will be doing it. You are really someone to look up to. I'm so glad that you continue to post regularly...even when you are feeling a little down in the dumps about something. :D

  2. I completely feel your pain. The loose skin thing is killing me right now. Ugh. I wish I had more positive things to say - the only thing I tell myself is this...loose skin or not we will be around a lot longer without this weight.

    Maybe Buffalo Bill could make two suits one from me and one from you LOL. (sorry I like the dark humor too LOL)

  3. ok so this is my "catch up comment" forgive me for just blending everything!

    I didn't know a halibut could get that darn big! And country casual? I think she meant country "club' casual because here in the "county' that would mean wranglers with extra starch, justins, your best button up shirt and your big buckle! or it may mean this:

    as for lose skin i am just so sorry -- you are really just screwed until you hit goal! and maybe then you could have some scary dangerous surgery to fix it but that may not be your bag either!
    have you googled that topic? men seem to have baggy skin issues soooo much worse than women (probably because men will lose more weight than women and they get much more toned) I have heard that keeping really hydrated can help but it hasn't worked for me! lots of lotion!!

    you are still rockin the weight loss imo so keep up the good work! I doubt a day or two of higher calories will really kill your momentum! you are THE MAN and I doubt that is gonna knock you off your horse!

    oh and the seats look very nice!

  4. oh darn my link got cut off add ralls.jpg and it should come up

  5. Ahhh that title is definitely freaking me out! That was soooo creepy and disgusting! When my oldest was just learning to talk my husband taught her how to say 'put the lotion in the basket' and thought it was HILARIOUS! He's so ornery! I feel ya on the extra skin thing...I don't know what I'm gonna do when I get down to goal size but I haven't totally ruled out surgery. If I'm spending as much time and energy to look as good as I can then I want that to be everywhere...and I don't want a bunch of saggy baggy skin hanging on all over the place. I guess I'll just have to see what it's like when I get there! Yummy beer...I'm jealous!