Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bike pedals and a Thursday morning.

We start the day off with the sound of rain bouncing off of the sill of my window, its gray its gloomy and the first thing out of my daughters mouth is "Daddy go park" sorry not today honey. so far neither mine nor my daughters days were looking like they would end the way we wanted them to. I had to run out this morning to Downtown Hartford and all of the little worker bees were running about trying to get to their respective offices on time. 9:21 am a nicely dressed man enters the cross walk, there he stood waiting patiently for the sign to initiate his forward motion. standing there in his suit, tie and very nice pair of shoes as I thought to myself about the fact that I would need a new suit myself soon given the weight I have lost, 2 steps into his journey across the street an SUV tears through the intersection and totally covers this man with puddle water. An umbrella flies in the direction of the SUV and muted by the falling rain and my windshield was the obvious curses and yells by this totally soaked if not well dressed gentleman. I think to myself, well his day is surely more disappointing than mine at only 9:21 am. onward homebound as I attempt to convince the kiddo that our day will be just as fun at home as it would have been at the park, she can totally see through my cunning ruse but I mention that an ice pop may be in her future and I enjoy a quieter ride with a smiling child in the back seat. There you have my morning summed up nicely, now to come through on the more fun day part of my earlier conversation.

The scale was kind with its words today when I woke up and I am expecting a pretty decent weigh in tomorrow. Keeping within meal plans is second nature at this juncture of the game, it is to the point where I can cut meat, potatoes, and pile veggies without a scale or measuring spoons or cups, I still use the cups and scales etc but I honestly don't need to. It IS a lifestyle change now, This is how I eat this is what I eat It is who I am now, pretty cool if ya ask me. Also I got an email today that stated that the pedals that I found for my bike are shipping today! this makes me happy as I will not have to rely on good weather to get in some exercise when they get here. once they get here I think I am going to email the fella that was nice enough to take the bike apart and ship me just the pedals a link to my blog and let him know that they are indeed going to a good cause.

Here is my menu from Wednesday.


8:30 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

1:00 PM
1 pear 85

2:15 PM
4oz BBQ rubbed roasted chicken 220
2oz sweet potato fries 50
sliced tomato 10

4:15 PM
quaker granola bar 90

6:30 PM
2 gortons fish fillets 340
3/4 cup white rice 150
2/3 cup corn 100
ketchup 20

8:30 PM
1 dannon lite yogurt 60

Grand total of 1325 calories for the day, not too bad over all but I do want to find an alternative for the Gortons fillets. slowly but surely I am fine tuning my intake to be as healthy as possible, I think I do a fine job but there are places it can still be tweaked. making dinner for a family of four which includes a 2 and a half year old, a 9 year old with type 1 juvenile onset diabetes and 2 adults following a low calorie intake routine has its challenges. as always I thank you for reading along with my trip to the half.

As Ever


  1. oh that just sucks for that poor dude in the suit! so yeah, your morning was way better :) Not to be mean but that would have made me crack up!

    I have actually thought that maybe one of the reasons I overate to begin with was because I was not one of those people that are so busy in the morning. I never have a weight problem when I am working.

    I AM GLAD YOU ARE GETTING THOSE PEDALS!! That will be great for you :)

  2. That's so awesome Tony! Now that you've got the calorie intake under control and are breezing along with it, changing them into healthier choices is fantastic! I've been noticing, lately especially, that your food choices are getting healthier and more nutritionally dense :) Yay! I'm gonna eventually turn you into a whole foods junkie like me, lol!

    Sorry about the weather, but I'm really excited that the pedals will be arriving shortly and you'll be able to pedal your rainy day blues away ;)

    I'm getting such a zen vibe from are living a different lifestyle!

  3. I forgot to add that I'm looking forward to the weigh-in tomorrow :)

  4. That's a great idea about sending the guy with the pedals a link to your blog!

    By the way: I love how you write. It's the closest thing to a good book that I have....and I know it's so much better than book-reading! In what books do you actually have the opportunity to give/receive feedback and/or ask questions??

    You are sailing right along, enjoying your ability to live in this new way of life with ease. I never doubted that you could do it, and I've never doubted that you would do it. But, I've been surprised at how you've stuck with it day after day after day. You really HAVE made a major lifestyle change!! :)

  5. I'm still waiting to hear what kind of spices you use for your BBQ rubbed chicken and how you prepare it. I bet it would be delicious w/sweet potato fries! Mmmm!