Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday morning, turkey and trains.

Hmmmm, so have ya noticed the new header? Boredom and the fact that I have been thinking about making a new one created that which you see above, I seem to have slipped into that state of mind, I feel unstoppable when it comes to getting healthy (which I know I not true but its how I feel) , so I thought that facing an oncoming train seemed fitting. Opinions? hows it look :) I like it and since it fits my attitude I think its perfect.

I also thought that I would toss up the directions for how I prepare my turkey burgers since there has been some interest shown through some of your comments. its very very very simple and anyone can make them this way and in my opinion they turn out great. first we start out with a 20 oz package of Shady brook farms ground turkey we usually buy whats on sale, which is usually the 97/3% lean, but we look for the 99% lean when possible, the difference is that the 97% has 160 calories per 4 oz and the 99% is 140 calories per 40z serving, when its on sale we will buy 3 packages and keep them in the freezer. ok ok back to how I prepare them, put the turkey in a bowl and fold in some chopped onions, I chop them very fine and mix them in good, after the onions are mixed in throughly shake in some Mccormick Grill mates BBQ flavoring (I go a little heavy on this as it gives it a smoky flavor), garlic powder and black pepper. mix that all together and separate the meat into 4 oz patties (we weigh each one to keep the portions equal). drop them onto a hot grill or frying pan, sprinkle the top with a tiny amount of adobo and grill until they are cooked through. I make mine with 80 calorie rolls (stop & shop brand) sliced onion, pickle, tomato and lettuce with some spicy mustard and a bit of ketchup to sweeten it up a little and I have to admit that this has become one of my favorite "healthy" meals that I have found. Usually it gets served with home made sweet potato fries, a dill pickle and my usual Giant glass of green tea. If you choose to follow my very simple directions I hope you enjoy the meal, I know we do.

This morning the scale had some very nice words to whisper in my ear but I am not going to count what it said to me until it stays that way for a few days, lets just say that the century mark was reached this morning, surpassed actually, but like I said its not official until its there for a few days, I will keep this updated as it changes. and there you have it, My Saturday morning post, we're on the way out the door but I wanted to get this up here before we left, Thanks for following along with my trip backwards through time.

As Ever


  1. I commented last night how much I loved the new header :)

    Your recipe sounds delicious for turkey burgers. I usually just make a ball of plain turkey meat and flatten and grill it! Yours sound sooooooo much better...I'm gonna do that with the onion. Although I did get some BBQ seasoning and sprinkled on the last one I cooked and it tasted so good :)

    I can't wait for the 'official' acknowledgement that you are down 100!!!! HOLY COW 100 POUNDS!!! Did you ever think this was possible when you started back in January??? I'm so so so so so happy for you and proud of you! But of course, when it's official, LOL!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I like the train header --- makes me wonder though what did the zipper represent? Thanks for the turkey burger recipe you posted I love to get ideas from other peoples recipes!! oh and even though it isn't official I am still happy for you about the scale reading this morning!! hope you, Wify and kids have a great weekend!

  3. Your story is very inspiring!!!

  4. I like the new header. It's very "you." :)
    Turkey burgers sound really good! I knew that, in order to enjoy ground turkey at all, you've got to season it up quite a bit, or else it will taste like nothing. So, I like the idea of the BBQ seasoning and onion. I still don't know what Adobo is!! I'll have to check on that!
    Thanks for posting the directions. Now, if I can find some 80 calorie rolls, we'll be all set! :)

  5. I read your recipe for turkey burgers last night - went out to the grocery store this afternoon - and made those burgers tonight for dinner! They were a big hit! Both my 16-yo-son and my 18-yo-daughter LOVED them!!

    As for me, it was my first experience EVER with ground turkey (the thought of ground turkey never appealed to me before) and I thought they were GREAT!

    Thank you!