Thursday, May 22, 2008

Country casual part deux and some Green tea for me

The mystery has been solved! though it was only a day to you all, I have been pondering this for weeks and last night wify called her cousin up to ask. country casual is "linen shirt, nice khaki pants and sandals" was the response we got, so I said "oh you mean Romance novel coverish" a giggle and a yes later I have my answer. I don't wish to buy clothing that Fabio would wear, because it would be the single time that I wore it and meh to that, and I was ok'ed to wear a kilt am I crazy for actually considering it? I guess I can appease the bride and buy some cargo type khaki shorts, and a nice light button up shirt to go with the Fedora, hmmmm and maybe bare feet, we shall see.

This past Saturday we bought 8 gallons of green tea when we went shopping, it was on sale for $2.50 per gallon so we bought all that was in the store. I cracked open the last of the bottles this morning so unless I go back out shopping I will be having home brewed green tea for the rest of the week, which isn't bad, just not as convenient. I mention the tea because through this entire change its the one thing that I go to when I want to have something with zero calories that I actually really really enjoy the taste of. I was drinking green tea before I decided to lose weight and I think I have grown to like it even more now than ever. If I am drinking it, its going to be green tea or water, I don't think I have had anything but that in at least a 2 month period, barring a random and not often beer here and there. Green tea has a ton of positive reactions with our bodies, the Catechins in the tea have been shown to have anticancer and anti inflammatory properties which that alone makes it worth drinking, then go ahead and add that it has been shown that it affect cholesterol levels in our bodies in a positive way and boost metabolism as well, so whats the problem? why aren't YOU drinking it?

My intake for Wednesday was good and I stayed under calories, I had 465 calories at the end of the day that I had not used up and wify was making popcorn so I had me a Gigantic bowl with some omega 3 spread and cheddar seasoning on it. though I did not add up the calories for this exactly, I know it was not close to the 465 that I had left so I am under calories, I just don't know exactly how much. I did have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and that was my first one in 4 months, now I miss them. otherwise all is well and I am on track with this change, which as I type this I realize is a way of life now, I do not have to try and stick to it, I do not crave the "bad" foods any more, I mean would I like to eat a bacon and onion pizza with a big glass of milk and some jalapeƱos on the side? sure, but the difference is that I realize that its not good for me and choose not to. it is amazing how easy this is when you just let go of the, dare I say "addiction" to food, and just eat reasonably instead of gorging yourself with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, ice cream, cake and the likes. food is for nutrition not for recreation, and that does not mean that you can never have a good old fashioned home cooked high fat meal, it just means that it cannot be the norm. Thats what I have on my mind this morning and this is the end of the page, so again I thank you for following along and I thank you all for your comments and emails and support etc etc etc, come back again now Ya'll hear.

As Ever
Country casual boy

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  1. Hahaha...Fabio clothes! That's funny. Who'da thunk it??
    Green tea: I like your clever pictures. :) I'm going to make some of that tonight!! I like the green tea with mint. It's very refreshing. Funny you mentioned pb&j - - that's just what I had for my dinner. Yum, yum. I could eat 5 of those at once, I swear. But, guess what?? I'm not going to. One was plenty, and I'm going to wait a while, drink lots of water, and wait for the satisfaction to follow. And follow it will.