Saturday, May 3, 2008

A quick saturday post

Making a pit stop back home and had a few minutes so I figured I would pop on here and post up while I had the chance. wify and I are doing some bulk shopping this weekend and just stopped in to let my daughter get in a quick nap. I bought something that I would not buy giving my current situation, BUT I have not had it in at least 10-12 years and I just could not pass it up. I bought a bag of Herrs Ketchup flavored potato chips. I didn't even hesitate to drop it into the carriage or look at the calories, it didn't matter. I have been looking for these for quite some time now, passively of course because anything can be had on the internet quite easily. just eating a few chips (I had an ounce) when we got home I was thinking about back to the last time I had them at an old friends house, ahh memories lol. it turns out there is 150 calories in 1oz of these delicious chips, so I will likely only have 1 more oz and the rest goes to my son, Turns out he liked them a whole lot too, my daughter said "yo-t" which is "yucky" and my wife looked at me like I was nuts for liking them. were heading back out as soon as the kiddo wakes up to a different store for more "supplies".

I woke up today and am still feeling good about the 8 lb loss from this week. I tried a few shirts on that I haven't tried on in a while and they all fit. I think I have decided to post a before and current status picture up when I hit the 100 lbs lost mark. I will likely post up the infamous picture from August 2007 (my biggest ever and the photo that made me think twice about my weight) and a picture from whatever day I post the pics up wearing the same shirt that I have on in the photo I had posted in the very beginning of this blog, it fits now! no promises on the photos but I am pretty sure I will be slapping one up here :)

It is very gloomy here today and suppose to rain late in the afternoon early evening and not stop until Sunday night so its a bleh weekend for us here. I hope everyone else is able to get out and enjoy their weekends. Mine will be spent shopping for bulk groceries and trying to keep the kiddos busy.

As Ever


  1. I stumbled across your blog... what an incredible inspiration!! You are doing fantastic!

  2. I have never heard of ketchup flavored chips--I am with Wify on this one I am looking at you like you are nuts!

    I bet down here there is a ton of stuff you would think is weird too though. hmmm ketchup flavored chips.... I just don't know about that one.

  3. Well, I like ketchup with my french fries...and since potato chips are fried potatoes - like french fries - they can't be THAT bad!
    Can't wait for those pictures that you PROMISED (wink, wink) - - I'm sure we won't have to wait long! :)

  4. Yuck, ketchup chips! That sounds nasty, lol, to each his own ;)