Saturday, May 3, 2008

Home on a Saturday night

Its around 10:30 pm and I thought I would pop on and post a little intermission, we had salmon steaks for dinner tonight, on a whim we decided that it was a good day for Salmon! dinner was composed of Salmon steaks following the recipe that I posted previously, corn on the cob and baked sweet potatoes. Man this dinner can never get old as far as I am concerned. the salmon was pretty thick and took 18 minutes again to cook perfectly. Here is a picture of how it turned out.

Click the photo for a full sized view

The day turned out to be as boring as I had anticipated it to be with it being gloomy and all. it has not rained as of right now so maybe it will hold off and not rain at all, who am I kidding this is New England I wouldn't be surprised if it started snowing in an hour! anyways, thats my intermission for the evening. hope you all had a nicer Saturday than I did, because I know your dinner wasn't as good :) lol

As Ever


  1. Looks very very yummy! The weather has been iffy, so a good day to get your bulk shopping in. Thats more than I did yesterday! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  2. looks good. I love the blue plates! they are cute :)

  3. As I'm posting this comment it's Sunday night and we just had a delicious salmon dinner at my parents house. Sounds like a fishy weekend :)

  4. That looks pretty yummy, although I've never had salmon steaks before. What kind of tea do you buy? I noticed you listed a blueberry green tea. I was just wondering if it was a national brand? I'm looking for some good teas. Thanks!