Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday...thats all I got for a title.

sigh, ho hum blah....

Not really, I would hate to jinx myself but the weight loss gods are on my side this week it would seem, last week was a 1 pound loss and since then I have dropped...well lets just say I am happy with it, You will have to wait until Friday to find out how kind they have been to me.

I am still doing all of the same things minus the walking and bike for the past week, I have only gone on 1 or 2 walks this week total. I am testing something out that I am suspecting happens with my body. I am noticing that if I work out steady like and week after week that the weight steadily comes off, it has come off each week since starting, I have yet to have a negative or no loss week since starting but when I workout hard one week and then have an easy week I seem to lose more per week than working out hard the entire time.

Dinner last night was fabulous...did I just say fabulous? wow it must have really been good and I finished up the day with 1453 calories. we had Salmon fillets and I prepared them with the recipe that I posted in an earlier post, we had sweet potato fries with them and I prepared the entire dish from taking the fish from the paper wrap to the table in about 20 minutes. I don't know if I was just craving it or if it was actually better this time but man it was good and I had a huge portion of it. I am actually considering switching to a fish only diet and abandoning chicken and Turkey all together, with that said, I am making BBQ rubbed chicken for dinner tonight with rice and either corn or Broccoli, or maybe a salad, hmmm decisions decisions.

Other than that its business as usual today, besides the later than usual post of course, Thanks for following along and I wanted to put it out there that if anyone that reads this needs help, support, or just an ear to listen, let me know.

As Ever


  1. Noooooo! You can't take my chicken and Turkey Burgers away too! It's bad enough every chance I get I order red meat (Roast Beef @ Subway, Burger @ Friendly's) I couldn't handle fish every day! Let's just enjoy the food when you crave it. :)

    Your daughter is right, you are crazy!


  2. I have never tried cooking Salmon at home. I have a hard time with the fishy taste I guess.

  3. LOL wify! Craving meat huh? ;) Sorry, lost my train of thought ;) Hee hee!

    I love love love salmon too...but I think you'd end up making yourself sick of it in no time flat having fishy fishies everyday. Just think of how much you love those turkey burgers and tell me you don't want to eat them any more...ha, I wouldn't believe you anyway, lol :)

    I'm sitting here at work, the gymnastics center, in my full party outfit because I have to open up and work until 5 pm when my sub is coming in so I can go set up for the big banquet party. I look sooooo out of place. This is a sweats and tank tops kind of business and I'm in a blouse, slacks and amazing heels. I feel ridiculous just so you know. I hope your theory regarding workouts is correct for you. Going easy one week and hard the next. Sounds good to me. I almost killed myself today on the treadmill, lol! You'd think I was training for a marathon or something. Now that is nuts! Sorry I'm a bit chatty!!!

  4. I have been reading you blog and find it very inspiring. I would like to lose 100 pounds this year and am having a hard tarm getting started. I have a question about your sweet potato fries... how do you fix them? Just wondering. Thanks and keep blogging!!!

  5. Fabulous, huh? Haha...that must HAVE been really good. :)

    Don't go to all fish. You'll get sick of it. If you have it sometimes, though, you'll enjoy it more! :)

    I like the idea of the work out one week, don't work out the next. That's a great idea....and I believe that your experiment will show that that does work! :)