Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 90

Another day down and another pound dropped (hopefully) nothing too spectacular to post today, Sunday was a decent day calorie wise, I am still feeling good and nothing negative to report, got a walk in with my daughter while it was nice out and played in the yard for a bit tossing a ball around. over all a nice easy day.

We rented another flick for the evening, the movie was Hitman, it was ok, nothing great, but I Had an Idea it wouldn't be going in so I enjoyed it, I mean it was made after a video game how good could it have been? The stars of the movie were that dude Timothy Olyphant (he was in "a man apart) and some Russian chick named Olga Kurylenko who I never seen before, she was pretty good in it (a hotty too) for someone I had never seen her before, but the guy would have been played much better by Jason Statham (from Driver) in my opinion, like I said, it was just an ok movie.

Just a cool pic from the movie

Olga Kurylenko from the movie, she had a cool Dragon tattoo on her cheek.

The menu for the day is as follows...


10:00 AM
zone perfect bar 210

12:30 pm
1 orange 85

3:00 PM
1 (nasty) campbells soup 260

5:30 PM
1 can tuna 150
3 slices whole wheat bread 210
1oz tings 160
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

6:30 PM
small green salad 30
2 tbsp lite honey mustard dressing 70

10:30 PM
9 cups popcorn 180
1 tbsp butter 100

Grand total of 1490 calories for the day, and a quick trip to my Father in laws just to say hello, thats where I had the salad and thats where I found out that man do I like honey mustard dressing, it was Newmans own light honey mustard. we shall be buying some of that in the very near future.

As Ever


  1. I love honey mustard, too! And today, I discovered that I love Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette (Hellman's brand). I don't know if it's available in stores, but it's what the restaurant served with my salad tonight, and it was AWESOME! Very tasty. :)

    Hitman...never seen it. I don't get to watch many movies I guess. Most of the ones I want to see, my husband has already seen while at WORK! Ugh. Anyway, Jason Statham is hot. I like him. :) I'm sure he would have made a better hitman.

  2. Chiming in here on the honey mustard love! YUM! I sometimes make my own if I run out, a little light best foods mayo, some grey poupon dijon mustard and of course honey, lol! I love it on everything from sandwiches, salads, and especially to dip french fries in...but since I don't eat those anymore I guess I could use it for the homemade sweet potato oven baked 'fries' that I make sometimes.