Monday, March 24, 2008

Days 82 & 83 The Easter dump an Epic post.

Monday morning after D day or should I say E day, armies of chocolate bunnies carrying out orders from the top brass to tempt and devastate. Cadbury eggs a plenty and Huge meals of Ham, potatoes, and fat fill cheesy treats, the healthiest thing that was eaten at dinner on either of the 2 weekend days this week was the strawberries, and they were slathered with whipped cream and frozen yogurt, it was a bad weekend food wise, Saturday started off as normal as any other day since starting, it quickly went south when we went to my mother in laws for dinner. I tried to stay within reason with what I took, and for the most part I think I did ok at her house, all though I did not count or measure the food. She had ham, green beans, the red potatoes that I enjoy so much , a salad, butternut squash, a birthday type Easter cake, and more, thats just what I took. as I said I did not measure any of it or even try to figure out calories, honestly I didn't care at that point, I wanted to enjoy the meal. BUT Me being me as soon as I got home I estimated within the closest numbers the calories for the meal. if my numbers are not off by too much I actually didn't do too bad, but I am sure I missed some ingredients, My Mother in law is usually good about cooking it within our limits so I may not be off as much as I think. anyways, here is the menu for Saturday, just remember that the dinner number are estimates, the amount as well as the calories.

Sargent Bun E. Rabbit leading the charge.


11:00 AM
10 wheat ritz crackers 140
1 slice whole wheat bread 70
1 can tuna 160
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

3:00 PM
1 can progresso light soup 120
5 wheat ritz cracker 70

6:15 PM
7oz spiral ham 420
1 cup green beans 50
5oz red potato 135
tiny slice of yellow cake 220
green salad 50
lite ceasar dressing 90
4 jelly beans 40

Grand total of 1600 even, estimated calories for the day, not real bad but not good either.

And then there was Sunday, woke up, the kids looked for eggs left around the living room by the Easter bunny and we had a nice big breakfast cooked by wify, the kids had pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon, I had an omelet with turkey bacon, onions, cheese and tomatoes al la egg beaters, and wify made herself an egg on a bagel, it was a great breakfast. I also had a Cadbury egg at 7:30 in the morning while the kids looked for their eggs. Lunch was an average lunch and then We drove an hour and forty five minutes with much protest from me, to Boston to have Easter dinner with some of wifys family. I decided on the way that I would just screw the whole diet thing again for dinner because I didn't feel like dealing with figuring out what was what and making people decipher what went into the dishes they brought. I was not happy about this decision, but it was done and that was that. I did not count anything but only had one plate and I am 100% sure I busted the calorie limit for the day by a huge amount with this meal, there was honey baked spiral ham, some sort of cheesy mashed potatoes, a stuffing and broccoli casserole that my father in law brought, some sort of mashed cauliflower dish, and my wifes Famous Green bean casserole (when I say famous I can't ever remember a time that someone has tried it and did not ask for the recipe afterwards, it I truly one of the best sides I have ever eaten) thats what was on my plate, dessert was strawberries and blueberries over Vanilla frozen yogurt and whipped cream, all of the food was great, but I have no clue of the calories, the green bean casserole alone will have surely brought me way above acceptable levels, I will post the recipe at a later time, even though it is not a low calorie meal by any means, we got a walk in after dinner, there was a lake not far away from where we were so we walked down to the lake and through the woods, it was a nice walk. Then I started in on we should get going, which took almost an hour to materialize into movement towards the car. long story short (if thats possible at this point in the story) we ended up driving almost 3 hours home because of the Holiday traffic, this is why I wanted to leave earlier but what do I know? ;) we drove for 4.5 hours for a not quite 4 hour visit....I was not happy at that point. over all it was a good time and the dinner was great. here is the menu for Sunday, all but dinner is listed, I honestly have no cue how I would calculate the calories so I won't pretend to try.

So did I as far as calories go this weekend.


7:30 AM
1 cadbury crème egg 150

3/4 cup egg beater 90
2oz sliced tomato 15
4 strips turkey bacon 60
1oz 2% cheddar cheese 90
less than 1oz chopped onion 5
pam cooking spray 5

11:30 AM
4oz deli turkey breast 110
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

2:00 PM
1 pear 85

5:00 PM

Grand total of enough to feed 2 people
I am sure, but whatever, I have to have a meal like this from time to time, the portion I had was within my limit, I had 1 plate of regular sized portions, it was the content within that killed me on calories for the day and my weight is up this morning from Fridays number :( . I hope everyone else had a good holiday, and I apologize for the especially large sized post.

As Ever


  1. I loved the bunny slipper cartoon!!!

    and one meal a diet does not make, so I am glad you had your easter weekend meals! you have been looking forward to easter since January 1st! I am also sure that if your weight is up it is only due to water weight and of course the actual food weight of what you ate. blow it off and get right back on your horse!

    ... i am off to get started on my blog posts...

  2. I am happy you enjoyed your weekend. It's ok to enjoy a meal, and it's important not to be too hard on yourself. I think I have said it b4, we all have a goal, and as long as we get back on track after an "enjoyable meal", then so what. I know you want this, so I have no doubt today will go according to plan!!

  3. Hi I am tagging you for a blog game that seemed liked fun -- check out my blog for the rules if you would like to play! I hope to see you joining in.

  4. I am wondering what everyone has said about the weight loss? Did anyone make any comments? That is an awful lot of weight to lose and if no one said anything I will be so surprised.

  5. I definitely wouldn't worry about the meals. Life happens and you can't always track every moment of it. It sucks for the plan, but just like holly said, one meal doesn't make or break the whole diet. You'll be fine in a day or two, I'm certain there was some water retention going on because most meals like that have much more sodium than your body is used to at this point. I hope wify and the kids had a great Easter as well.

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Holly, no one really said much (besides my father in law but I won't get into that lol) we don't see them much as they live in Bawstun, this is actually the first time we saw them since moving back to CT a year ago. but yeah theres a difference.

    As Ever

  7. I cracked up when you reported your calories on Sunday's dinner to be "WAY TOO MUCH!" That was clever. :)
    Aaah....we probably all ate too much yesterday. Oh WELL! Today's a new day. We've gotta make room for a few days a year when we can just enjoy ourselves and not worry about dieting. I read an article about a woman who lost 100 pounds over the course of one year. In it, she said someting about how when she reached her 100 pound mark, she rewarded herself with "half of a chocolate souffle"......Pa-Lease! I am so sure. They made it sound like that was the first "reward" she had given herself for a YEAR! Like, didn't she reward herself after losing 25, 50, or 75 pounds?! Come. On. I just don't buy it. What kind of life would it be if we stay uptight 24/7 about food, of all things. We're not "quitting" by endulging in a good meal occasionally, so let's just be sure to enjoy it, and then MOVE ON. I know this is how you must feel about it, too! But, I gotta say that I don't remember the last time that you "cheated." Is this your first time to just kind of "not worry about it?" I can't remember reading about another time when you've not worried about the calories...
    Anyway, you are doing great, and just the fact that you came right home and posted about it, shows that you're still as committed as ever to losing that weight! Way to go!! :)

  8. Robyn -- maybe it was a really big truffle??