Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 63

Steadily moving in a downward motion goes the weight. it is the sixty third day and I am still on track with only 1 hiccup last week, and that was not even a hiccup really just a smaller drop in a weeks time that got me down a bit. I would say the over all feeling is one of success. I have been getting more sleep and drinking all of my fluids, keeping it under 1500 calories but the exercise will lack a bit until I can find a pedal. yesterday we went for a walk, it was 50 degrees outside, today is the same except that its raining on and off, just a drizzle, which would be ok if it were only me but I don't want to make the kiddo walk in it, she was complaining of the wind during our walk yesterday so I could only imagine how rain and wind would go. I am sticking with the push ups etc, I am just missing out in the cardio...the most important part of course. hopefully this week goes ok as far as a loss goes, only Friday will tell.

I have been playing the guitar for what feels like a week straight, but in reality its only been a day or 2 that I have been playing it more. since I got the new strings I want to break them in, lets just say my fingers are not happy with me. with that I will give you the menu.


9:00 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 100

12:00 PM
1oz Vermont Cheddar 110
8 wheat ritz crackers 112
1 can progresso lite soup 120

2:00 PM
1 boiled egg 70
1 lite Dannon yogurt 60
crystal light 15

5:00 PM
6 slices of pickled beet 30

6:45 PM
6in subway club double meat 425

7:30 PM
1oz Vermont Cheddar 110
8 wheat ritz crackers 112

Grand total of 1369 calories for the day, not too bad. I might in response to the damaged pedal eat a few less calories this week to make up for the lack of burning calories, I have not made a decision and its Tuesday so I don't know what kind of response that is :)

As Ever


  1. Thanks for the Vitamin reminder! I almost forgot!! :)
    You're STILL doing really good (duh!) and I can't wait to see what your weigh in results will be on Friday! (see, I told you everything would go back to normal!)
    Have a great day.

  2. I don't know how "back to normal" things are, but I have lost more since Friday than I did all week last week so definitely better than last week ;)

    As Ever

  3. Thats great news! Keep up the exercise you can do. Any luck on locating a pedal?