Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 86

Late post for the morning, wify is off from work because of an appt, so we decided to go for an am walk, it was nice walking with her, besides she pushed the stroller so I didn't have to bend over and push it myself! man it sucks being tall at times ;) , it is suppose to rain here starting this afternoon and rain until Saturday so I am glad I got the walk in.

A small addition: As I was writing this post out my phone rang, it was my wify, she was talking to her doc about me and what I am doing to lose weight, she told him how much I have lost and in what time frame, she told him what I do for exercise and the 1500 calories per day, Her docs response was "he is doing exactly what I would tell him to do" he also said that the 1500 calories was a good amount and that it sounded like I am doing everything right. that made me happy, and I thought I would pop that in here as I had not hit the publish button yet. :)

Just one more average day in this long trip to becoming half of who I am. I know that I have said this but I feel like I don't even have to try any more as far as eating correctly. I don't crave anything thats too terribly bad for me, I mean thats not to say I don't want to have some Pizza now and then, but whose to say that I can't? eating to live instead of living to eat is the mantra. during my walk with wify this morning we were talking and I told her that "I appreciate the little things that I am noticing about losing this weight", like the fact that when I first started this thing, I drove my car around the block across the street and it was 1/3 a mile, I would walk that 1/3 mile and feel it. when I got back to the house I knew I had done something, my back was screaming at me, and my feet were telling me to just sit down and I was really done, and now lets take the walk from this morning, it was 30 minutes long, and about 1.5 miles and the only reason we stopped was because wify had to leave for her appt, back was perfectly fine, feet just along for the ride and I honestly wanted to keep walking (which I guess I could have but I figured we got it in we were ok) I do need a pair of running shoes or something to walk in these Shell toed Adidas just aren't cutting it comfort wise ;), another thing that I noticed changed is the fact that I can run up and down the stairs in my home a couple times and still not be winded, this is huge! pre Jan I would walk up stairs and into my bed room and by the time I got there was winded, so I enjoy that fact. my wedding band falls off my hand (not a good thing per se) but the fact that it does means I am smaller so good indeed, I don't know how I feel about resizing it, so we shall see on that one. basically the best way I can say it is that things are looking up as far as my health goes. My belt is too loose again, so its time to punch another hole in it with my leatherman, before I am through this belt will have 10 holes punched in it lol.

The intake for the day was average coming in at 1375 cals, spread out decently and I ate lots of fruit on the eighty sixth day. and over all feeling good about the menu for the day. and here it is.


7:00 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

10:30 AM
1 orange 85

12:30 PM
1 banana 105

1:30 PM
lite progresso soup 120
5 wheat ritz 70

3:45 PM
1 zone perfect bar 210

6:00 PM
6oz chicken breast 300
3/4 cups cooked white rice 150
2/3 cup frozen fresh corn 100
1 pat butter 35

Grand total of 1375 calories for the day, not too shabby, and as you can see lots of fruit. feeling good and looking forward to tomorrows weigh in. Thank you for following along and hopefully this time next year I will have lost enough weight to feel comfortable posting up a shirtless picture I took on Jan 6th for comparisons sake. just not quite 3 months later and the comparison pics are amazing, I can't imagine what another year will do.

As Ever


  1. It sounds like you are just chugging right along on track. Your foods are great, and eating frequently is a big help, keeps the hunger at bay.

    Good job with the walk. I notice those types of things too regarding going up the stairs and whatnot.

    Good to hear that the Doc thinks you are doing just the right thing. It's always good to get some form of confirmation even though you knew you were doing the right thing for you.

    Have a great day :)

  2. Hey! Glad to hear that wify's doctor backs up your plan! He's a smart guy. ;)
    It is neat to think about some of the little things that you get to enjoy now that you've shed a bunch of pounds...I like to think about those things, too. You should list out all of the little things that you've started to notice that make you feel like you've improved yourself in one way or another by losing that weight....keep up with a list, and maybe even date it. I bet one day it will be a mile long! It will be neat to look back over it and see how you improved yourself so much along the way. Hey...I might do that myself! :)
    Still doing great! Keep it up! (I know you will).