Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 72

The fella on the news said it was suppose to rain yesterday so I went out for a walk early in the day, it ended up at 1.2 miles in about 23 minutes, so thats a nice pace I think. it ended up not really raining but a few mistings trough out the day. it was very windy and my daughter picked a very odd path to walk on, I am enjoying the walks more and more, it was suggested to me by someone to walk 1.5 miles per day working on up to 3 miles, this sounds close to what I was going to do anyways so its a plan. I am still trying to locate a pedal for my stationary bike with no results, all of the pedals I have found are too short. so the search goes on.

Random news story for the day, I have been watching the news and saw that Gov. Eliot Spitzer has resigned because of a call girl Ashley Alexandra Dupre or "Kristen" that he apparently paid $4300 to be with! Thats nuts! so for a night of fun and a payment of $4300 he loses his career, and quite possibly his wife. insanity at its best. imagine how many times he has done this at that price and did not get caught out? wow who wouldda thunk lol. out of curiosity I searched for her myspace page and she is an aspiring musician, hmmmm free publicity? she got the better end of that whole deal I think. She is a very average pretty girl looking chick, I think She is an ok looking girl I guess but $4300?? lol welp I guess some people have their priorities a bit mixed up. anyways heres a couple pics of her that were on myspace.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre or "Kristen" of Gov. Eliot Spitzer fame

Yeah buddy I bet your grin looked something like that on the night in question.

Ok so back to me. over all the day went fine, I kept the intake under 1500 and I drank 1 gallon of green tea, wow! thats alotta green tea! and another 3/4 gallon of water throughout the day. I think the water intake will help keep my metabolism up along with the tea. the push ups come easier lately, I do about 60 per day during my workout, and then throughout the day I will just do some randomly. I have been playing the guitar mucho lately as well, Pink Floyd to be exact. I learned "Wish you were here" yesterday, its an easy song really but good one so ;). anyways onto the menu before this turns into a gigantic post.


8:15 AM
1 banana 105
1 lite dannon yogurt 60

10:30 AM
1 boiled egg (beet egg) 75

12:30 PM
1 can south west chicken soup progresso 240
1oz tings 160

2:30 PM
1 pear 80

6:45 PM
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150
1 cup canned corn 120
7oz roasted chicken breast 350

8:00 PM
1 dannon lite yogert 60

Grand total of 1400 calories for the day, so just 100 under goal, so right on schedule as far as I am concerned for now. I am not going to alter what I am eating just yet. I want to give it a week or two to see what happens, after all this is an experiment as well as a life change. Thank you for reading, even my randomness from yesterday, as always it is appreciated.

As Ever


  1. She looks a bit like Sarah Jessica Parker - if SJP was brunette. $4300?? She must be G-O-O-D!! :)
    Thanks for that story. I wouldn't have know anything about it otherwise. (I don't keep up with the news lately...)
    Good for you doing that walking! And 1400 calories looks good to me!
    So, I did horrible with my water yesterday - - or any fluids for that matter. What about you? Are you still chugging the green tea these days???

  2. skimming my posts are ya Robyn ;) lol

    "I drank 1 gallon of green tea, wow! thats alotta green tea! and another 3/4 gallon of water throughout the day" <-- from todays post

    Yes I drink green tea like there is no tomorrow :)

    As Ever

  3. hahhaa....whoops! My bad.

    I think I may have, indeed, read that...I just have a little short-term memory loss or something. ;)

    That's some heavy drinking! Way to go!

  4. did you see that that idiot paid for her services right before Valentines day --- yeah I bet that is gonna be one hefty divorce. what a maroon!!

    oh have you tried go lean green tea? -- i just tried yesterday --- so yummy!!

  5. We have to find you a pedal so you can join Robyn and I on a bike ride!!! Did you contact the manufacturer? Who makes it? I'll help you look. I NOW, cant imagine life w/o it. I'm looking forward to tonights 30 mins.
    Good job on the gallon of green tea. And on the 1400 calories. I think you are smart to wait b4 adjusting. See what your body will do on it's own.
    See ya.

  6. Did you notice that they both have the same nose? She could be his daughter. *ew*

  7. oh sherry that is gross!! what a funny observation!