Friday, March 28, 2008

Weigh in, down 3lbs this week

I just wanted to get the weigh in number in real quick, I have been dealing with an issue with my laptop from late last night and all day today, were almost back up and running 100% so I will post a full post when I complete what I am doing. but as far as the weight goes, I am down 3 lb this week so I am down to 464lbs as of this morning. I am happy for the 3lbs Given that Easter was terrible calorie wise. theres a ship that has been waiting to launch for 2 days now so I will certainly weigh myself after that as well lol. I will get back on here and post a full post ASAP, so until then...

As Ever


  1. 3 pounds is amazing! Rock on. LOL about the ship, that's funny!

    Sorry your laptop is giving you trouble...computers suck. We just bought a new one b/c ours blew up on us...well not really but you know. Hope everything gets back to working order soon. Can't wait for your 'real' post.


  2. Great job this week. I'm still bummed out about myself and am jealous of your 3 pound loss. Oh well...there's always next week's weigh in right?? Oh, and I will definitely be weighing myself again, after my ship sets sail, as well! hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

    Was worried about you this morning! Glad to know it was just computer problems, even if that is super annoying! At least you were able to fix it! :)