Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 77

An average day in the life of a fella losing weight, minus the exercise...I have not really exercised this week at all, its been cold and windy outside so the walks have taken a back seat and I still do not have a pedal for my bike. I am in fact still on track with intake. I had 1312 total calories for the day but 155 of that came at mid night, which brings up my other point, I have been going to bed very late all week. 2am on the weekend and now last night around 1am and I am up by 7am so thats not exactly a lot of sleep. the last time I neglected sleep I lost very little weight that week. I need to get this back on track. its Conan Obrien's fault I tell ya. yesterday was St Patty's day as we all know and I thought to myself "I bet Conan has a good show with him being Irish and all" so I stayed up...I need to stop that crap. otherwise it was an average day like I said.

here is the menu for the day.


8:00 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

11:00 AM
1oz Vermont sharp cheddar 110
8 wheat ritz crackers 112

2:00 PM
3 hebrew national hot dogs 135
3 slices lite rye bread 150

5:45 PM
2 cups dads chicken soup 300
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150

12:00 AM (Yes this is midnight)
1 cup 1% milk 110
small dannon lite yogurt 45

Grand total of 1312 calories for the day, I am a little meh about eating so late but it is what it is so I am not gonna sweat it ;). gonna keep on keepin on and in a year look back at these posts and know that they helped me get there. Thanks again for reading along with my random typing.

As Ever


  1. Why not tape it - I know its a bit lame, but then you'll feel awake and enjoy it more?

    I have this problem where I fall asleep in the evening when watching TV or a movie - usually because I am an early in the day kind of person, and I wait late for my partner to come home from work. *shrug* It's kind of sad :)

    (PS, I'm actually souvenirdarling from 3FC, so you don't feel like there's an oddball reading your blogs.)

  2. Hey there oddall...er umm I mean souvenirdarling ;) Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and read my pages of randomness. I had thought about taping it but I am just a night Owl, always have been, its a habit I need to kick I know but I for the most part get to bed at a reasonable hour, lately its been harder though I will admit ;)

    I appreciate the input, so I thank you for that ;)

    As Ever

  3. Well, since inquiring minds want to know, I thought I would post a little update from my side of the story. :0) (I apologize in advance for it being so long) I think Sandy and I were on the same brain wave this past weekend because I walked through the kitchen on Saturday and announced “I quit!” Hubby just asked “Really?” I plopped myself down and said, “Yep, I’m too hungry.” A few minutes later I was munching on a rice cake with a little bit of peanut butter on it. Then my daughter stole half of it. So instead of quitting, I took a break for the weekend. I didn’t count my calories per se, but I tried to keep them within range by using my knowledge of a 1400 calorie day. I consciously drank water all weekend and I did a lot of cleaning to keep me busy and burn some calories. And since my sweet tooth was getting the better of me, I picked up some fresh strawberries and light cool whip. I think my success with this diet is the choosing between foods. I’m constantly telling myself, No Soda, Yes Water. No Ice cream, Yes Fruit. No White Bread, Yes Whole Wheat Bread, Double Yes 40 Calorie Bread. Yesterday I picked up the English Muffins, put it down, picked up the Whole Wheat Bread, put it down, Picked up the Light Rye Bread and thought, yep, that will do. My daughter helps me a lot too. I pick up a pack of cheese and crackers and share them with her, or like my rice cake which seems to be her favorite. She almost shared a yogurt covered pretzel with me last night, but then she took it back. Good Girl! My boss has been “dieting” since I started working here. Yesterday she was bragging about how good she’s doing. Then we have a birthday in the office. She asked for a small piece of cake, and the guy cutting it gave her a huge piece. She laughed it off and I commented, she didn’t HAVE to eat it all. She said I know and proceeded to munch it all down. Then she grabbed a cream puff to top it off. I just sat there with my bottle of water, and decided since I had a light lunch, I would take half a cream puff. I offered to share it with the lady next to me and we split it, and I got the smaller half. It’s those little things that add up at the end.

    I’m so proud of Tony. He’s not only changing in size, but in attitude too. He’s practically be-bopping around the kitchen making dinner, and we’re going out to do things more often. Subway has been great to us. I can’t wait for warm weather so we can go to the parks and get out of the house. All in all, 2008 is turning out to be a great year.

    As far as my weight loss, below is my history. I want to thank you all for supporting my husband. It’s been fun reading along with you and I’m glad he has something like this to hold him accountable. It has made these accomplishments so much easier and fulfilling.

    1/1/2008 236
    1/4/2008 231
    1/11/2008 226
    1/15/2008 224
    1/18/2008 222
    1/23/2008 221
    1/25/2008 220
    2/1/2008 216
    2/8/2008 215
    2/15/2008 213
    2/22/2008 211
    2/29/2008 210
    3/7/2008 208
    3/14/2008 210
    3/17/2008 207


  4. Wow! Go, Wify!! You've been doing so great, and I'm sure it can't hurt that your hubby is staying right on track, too! Every day, my husband comes home and pigs out. He was keeping up with what he was eating there for a while, but lately, he's been shoveling food down his throat like he's a starving puppy. It makes it really hard when he wants to buy things like REECE's peanut butter EGGS and Spicy Guacamole Pringles all the time, because then they just sit around here and tempt me all day. I wish he'd get back on track, because it would help me stay on track, too! So, you guys are lucky that you have each other to look to for support when you're feeling like quitting! Wow...have you added up your combined weight loss?! Yours is 29 pounds so far, and Tony's is, what, 39 now?? That's 68 pounds GONE between the two of you!! That's amazing! That's like a Golden Retriever! haha! Keep making those good choices, and you guys are just going to sail to your goals in no time!!

  5. Wow, and the long Novel award goes to.....

    lol, and I do not "be-bop" anywhere! punk.

    Robyn, remember I am 39lbs from the end of Jan. thats when I got the scale, and I was losing more than 1lb per day back then. if I add the 22 days from Jan 1st at 1lb per day I am actually at 61 lbs lost so far ;) (I post the 512 as my start weight on this blog because of when I got the scale, but I count the estimated weight from the beginning at home)...watch those peanut butter eggs! lol

    As Ever

  6. Ooooo, wify congrats, you are doing great. I'm glad you posted an update on your progress. Ha, mine is almost mirrored to yours. I started at 235 and am now at 204. I agree it is all about choices, choosing fruit instead of ice cream, water instead of soda. Keep up the great work.

    I love reading your stories, thoughts, randomness and all, good days, bad days, exercise or lack thereof. It makes it seem easier knowing there are others out there doing the same thing I am and going through the same thing, facing the same challenges.

    I'm a night owl too, except my man of choice is Jimmy Kimmel, he kills me.

    As far as hubby goes, he's super fit, a weight lifter and runner. He eats things like spinach and salmon for breakfast everyday just because they are good for him. Also, some oatmeal concoction that looks, well, gross, lol. He can be infuriating some times ;) He does eat quite a bit of crap though and he has a big time candy addiction. He's been out of town for the past 3 weeks training for a new job and won't be home for 4 more, mid April, so it's been easy to stay on plan w/o all the junk food in the house. Plus I kind of want to surprise him when he gets home. I want to be around 185ish, that's my goal anyway.

    Adding together the estimated weight loss from Jan 1st you've lost a combined total of around 100lbs!!! That's incredible! Woohoo!

    Just wanted to post a small introduction and words of encouragement. Have a great day :)

  7. ok I feel like I should post something here -- but my stats stink compared to everyone else's!

    can you say yo-yo?
    hmmm stats:
    Jan 2007 160
    Dad died Jan 27
    Feb 2007 155
    March 2007 149
    Hemorrhoidectomy + big swollen butt March 2007 OH yes + pain pill = 165 by April 2007

    December 2007 175 (thanks to one more surgery and lots of x-mas cookies)
    Jan 2008 167-started exercising and watching food choices.
    Feb 2008 162-started Atkins diet NO more diet pills and more exercise.
    March 2008 up to 165 -- ugh. what the hell. my body is changing for the better this time.

    I too need to sleep a bit more. I am a big time insomniac and get about 4hours of straight sleep a night. I am trying to do better. :) I usually get to sleep about 1:00 am and get up at 6:30am with a rise in the middle f the night due to carpal tunnel syndrome and a bad neck so my right arm falls a sleep and hurts something awful. I have to get up enough to shake it out and switch sides . EVERY NIGHT -- that is "redundant." But steroids are the treatment I usually get and they make me really mean.

    You go wify and Zeus and Robyn and Andeely and Amanda!

  8. Andeely, Thanks for the comment :) keep em coming, the support is great and its fun to know people are actually reading this stuff! and wow, you are right! 100 lbs combined since the start of the year! I wonder how much it will be come Dec ;)

    Holly, sorry about your pops :( and it sounds like you have had lots of stresses in that time so no wonder you are all over the place with the weight. @165 you are not that heavy to begin with so it will come off slower anyhow, keep at it and it shall be so. Thanks for the comment ;)

    As Ever

  9. Wify and Andeely: You gals need BLOGS!!! :)
    And Andeely: I love that name. It's very unusual, and very pretty! :) Wify: I bet your name is pretty, too!! ;)

    And Tony,
    You are right! I hadn't really thought about the fact that you were already losing by the time you got your scale. 100 pounds between the two of you! That is so amazing!!

  10. Oh crap...I forgot to mention Amanda! You need a blog, too!! And I love your name as well.


  11. Holly:
    You already know what I think about your name.


  12. Robyn, I'm actually planning on setting one up tonight. If I don't fall asleep first.

  13. Thought I would just add my $.02. Mr. Meatball :) really did inspire me to start losing. I too was already losing before I got my scale, I'm thinking I probably lost 7 to 10 pounds before I got the scale and I've lost 18 since then. I'm very happy with the results so far.

  14. Wow...13 comments on this post! I think I'll make it 14!!

  15. Or, how about 15?! hahahaha

    okay, sorry. I know I'm so annoying.

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