Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun with Tuna, a recipe....so to speak

I have not posted any food or recipes on here in a while and noticed that I was eating a lot of Tuna lately, so I thought I would post up how I make it and you can see why I am able to eat it as often as I do. I liked Tuna even before I started this "diet" My father was a fisherman, and would commonly bring home many pounds of fresh caught tuna from Charter boats, so I ate it a lot as a kid as well, I do like the canned stuff a lot too as long as it is solid chunk in water.

We will start with the canned stuff. My basic mixture for a can of tuna is.

1 Can of chunk light tuna in water
1 Tablespoon of miracle whip
1 to 2 oz of finely chopped red onion ( I like more so I use a lot)
black pepper to taste

1) Nothing too mind blowing about this mixture and some of you may even eat it like that already. I mix that up and eat it on whole wheat bread and the sweetness from the onion and the sweetness from the Miracle whip mix and it tastes very light to me. total calories if eaten on wheat and you eat the entire can of tuna is 330.

2) This next Tuna option is kind of weird to me because its the exact same thing as described as above except eaten on wheat ritz crackers, thats it! I place a small amount of that mixture on some wheat ritz crackers and it tastes like crab to me, I think its because of all the sweetness and then the crackers have a buttery taste to them and Faux crab is born...its weird but thats what it tastes like to me. calories depend on how many you make but lets use 10 and if you use the entire can of tuna, the total calories would be the same at 330.

3) Finally there is the tuna melt, funny thing about tuna melts is I never liked them, or so I thought until my wife made them one night a few years ago, I loved it! so when I began this new "diet" I thought welp no more of those (they are covered in butter, filled with cheese and fried after all) but after some looking I figured a whole sandwich cheese, butter and all was 475 calories and that if you use the entire can of tuna, and trust me this thing tastes like something you would get at a restaurant, seriously. I know the melt is a little high in caloric value but seriously, it is very filling and tastes awesome. it consists of the same mixture above and some other stuff.

1 Can of chunk light tuna in water
1 Tablespoon of miracle whip
1 to 2 oz of finely chopped red onion
2 slices of whole wheat bread
1oz Vermont sharp white cheddar
1 pat of butter (split evenly between the bread)
black pepper to taste

Basically what you are going to do is make a tuna sandwich except before you put the tuna on cut a 1oz piece off of your block of cheese and cut it into small slices and place it on the bottom side of the sandwich. spread the pat of butter onto the outside pieces of the bread and fry it up just like a grilled cheese until the cheddar is melted. remove and enjoy, a garlic pickle wedge goes perfectly with this sandwich, and this thing tastes awesome, well worth the calories and the ingredients are not bad for ya (for the most part) total calories for this one would be 475 assuming you eat the whole can of tuna.

One of the Tuna My father caught, this is an old pic a few years old I had, and is a scan of a Polaroid, please excuse the quality. the faces have been blocked out to protect the innocent (namely me) I didn't ask him if I could post this so I decided to block the faces out.

Fresh tuna steaks, ahhh the fresh steaks are good, as I said earlier my Dad would go out on charter boats and come home with fresh tuna and the freezer was stocked up usually with some of that, buttery, garlicky goodness I say. it would normally get broiled or fried, in the spirit of less calories I will give you the broiled version. You will need.

2 lbs of tuna steaks (about 4 steaks)
2 tbsp butter
2-3 tbsp Olive oil
as much garlic as you like ( I use a lot)
black pepper to taste

Mix the butter and oil together and mince the garlic and add that in as well, I like to let it sit for an hour or so, on a warm stove so the butter stays melted, and the garlic flavor gets into the oil, when thats ready coat both sides of each steak with the oil mixture, shake some black pepper onto it and into the broiler it goes, cook the steaks for about 3 minutes on each side and its done, when you take the steaks out brush the rest of the oil mixture over them (optional) and serve while hot. this goes well with a Ceasar salad and rice pilaf. the steak is about 300 calories and the oil, garlic and butter is about 75 calories, assuming its split evenly over the 4 steaks, so if you were to have a 7oz portion of the cooked product (and thats a big piece of fish) it would be roughly 375 calories, which isn't bad at all. this can also be done on a grill or fried and is very good, but since its cold out right now I gave Broiled as the cooking type.

If you try any of this I hope you enjoy it, I know I do! if you try it and don't like it I apologize lol, but I don't think that will happen.

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  1. I've never thought to put red onion in my tuna! See, I love finding out what everyone's eating. I usually use tuna, light mayo, pickles and mustard for my tuna, lol!

    I bet that tuna melt sandwich would taste amazing grilled in a panini machine, then you could do it without the butter and save yourself a few calories to use eating something else too!

    How well do you cook your tuna steaks?? I love eating fresh tuna but you can't get a restaurant to cook it more than medium rare. They really prefer only to cook it rare. I've eaten it that way and it's really good, I just have a huge texture issue with food and it feels weird in my mouth that way, lol. Does that even make sense???

  2. We do tuna salad with miracle whip, sweet pickles, and boiled egg. :) Yours sounds yummy, too!
    Tuna steak: Ah....I wish I could get some good tuna steak around here. No can do, though. Maybe one day you could mail me some?! :)

    I've had tuna steak grilled and I LOVED it...and I've had it basically raw - - with a little Wasabi on the side....and that wasn't too bad, either. I really wish we lived somewhere where I could get good, fresh fish like that. It's like the lowest calorie meat I've found! I want some!!

    I'm glad you posted these recipes! I'm still waiting for that famous green bean casserole dish your wife makes....

  3. Those all sound very good!

    I used to make my tuna with a ton of Miracle Whip and Black Pepper. I've never really been fond of putting diced pickles in with it, I prefer to eat a whole dill pickle on the side while I eat my tuna sandwich.

    Since I've started my weight loss I've been making tuna (and canned chicken and salmon) with 1 tsp of Grey Poupon mixed in with it instead of Miracle Whip. It has fewer calories and gives the meat a slight tang to it that I enjoy. Oh and I only mix up 2 or 3 oz's at a time instead of the whole can, unless I'm taking 2 sandwiches (1 slice each) with me to work for lunch and dinner.

    Wow this comment turned in to a mini novel. :)

    Thanks for all you do!