Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 61 a New month

I had a bad day as far as getting Veggies in, I had just about zero. otherwise it was a good day. I jumped on the scale and it has continued in a downward motion from Fridays weigh in so I am happy, but that is what happened last week as well so I won't count on that number until next Fridays weigh in. if you follow my blog then you may, or may not know that I said if I was able to get down to my goal of 479lbs by easter that I was going to have a little treat of 4 Cadbury creme eggs for around Easter time. looks like I will be getting that little treat so says the scale this morning.

We watched Beowulf last night and I indulged in a bowl of popcorn with some cheddar cheese seasoning on it while watching the movie. over all the movie was ok, the animated style of how it was made was pretty cool and different from the every day style. I liked it but it was not the greatest movie in the world. over all I would say watch it if you were considering, just don't expect the greatest flick of the year.

with that I will give you the menu for the day.


10:00 AM
1 light Dannon yogurt 60

11:15 AM
2 eggs 140
3 egg whites 48
chopped onions/peppers/tomato 30
1.5oz Kraft lite cheddar 75
1 pat butter 35

2:15 PM
1oz Vermont sharp cheddar 110
8 wheat Ritz crackers 112

4:30 PM
1.5 cups Bran Cereal 180
1 cup 1% milk 110

6:00 PM
1 can tuna 150
1oz vermont sharp cheddar 110
2 slices wheat bread 160
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35
1 pat butter 35

5 cups air popped popcorn 100
2 servings of cheddar cheese popcorn seasoning 10

Grand total of 1500 calories
for the day, and I was light on the veggies. I need to watch that a bit, I also had popcorn late in the evening because of the movie. it is a new month and so far so good with the plan. I will update my monthly minutes and oush ups a little later with the goals for March. Thank You for reading.

As Ever


  1. Great job on reaching that 1500 mark right on the dot. Glad to hear that you will be having those Cadbury eggs later on this month!

  2. ditto!
    Easters early this year, so those egg's are coming soon.
    Keep up the good work. I'm thrilled the losing has gotten back on track! My story is a little different.
    I had a big lunch today, but well see. I was outside again today w/ the kids. Hula hooping again.