Thursday, March 20, 2008

An afternoon update

I changed a few things about the side bar, not a lot but changes none the less. I took the poll away (I got what I needed from it, thanks to those who voted), I also took the daily exercise counters away. honestly it was just too much work to update every time I worked out, I usually post the exercise in the posts anyways so it was Redundant to boot. something I added is a weight by month area on the side bar, I used my estimated start weight (which I believe to be higher than I posted but I will leave it at 534) I left the ticker set at 512lbs because its when I added it as well as my first 100% confirmed weight. so each month I will add the weight that I was on the closest weigh in day to the end of that month, along with how much was lost that month.

I also want to say that I have not taken Lecithin in more than 2 weeks, I didn't feel that it was helping and it was when I was taking it full swing that I had the lowest loss since starting, I am unsure if it is related but I stopped taking it anyways. I now only take it if I have a particularly fatty meal.

I have not exercised one bit this week except for random push ups here and there, I feel guilty for it but I have yet to find a vendor that sells a pedal for my bike, and it has been windy, cold, and raining all week so I haven't had a chance for walks. It doesn't seem to be affecting the loss I have to say, because I have lost as much weight this week as I did in the last two weeks, you will have to wait until the morning for exactly how much that is though ;) with that I shall end this post.

As Ever


  1. hey Tony-
    It seems we are all doing a little blog house cleaning as of late. Glad to hear the weight is still dropping. I will look forward to seeing your weekly loss tomorrow.
    You and wify are doing a terrific job. I thank you both for your support.

  2. I have a few spare minutes here at work so I'm gonna post another comment too ;)

    I love the new 'weight transfer window' are quite creative w/computer stuff. I, on the other hand, am not.

    Can't wait for the 'official' weigh-in tomorrow. I always do mine on Mondays...more of a motivator to stay on plan over the weekend ;)

  3. OH boy! I am excited about tomorrow!! For you, though, and NOT me. :(
    I like what you've done with the blog.
    And Andeely,
    Weghing in on Mondays may be a good idea....
    So far, when I have a good weigh-in on a Friday, I kind of "slack off" during the weekend b/c I think, "oh well....I did good this week..."
    Maybe if I knew I was going to have to weigh in on Monday, I'd do better through the weekend. But, then I'd probably just slack off on Tuesday and it probably wouldn't make a difference for me anyway. :)
    You should go check out those recumbant bikes Wal-Mart has. They've got to be a lot more comfortable on your booty then the bike seat on your current stationary bike...
    They're not too expensive, either, and with Wal-Mart's awesome return policy, you could always return it if you found the pedal for yours!! :)