Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 69 bad day for intake.

Well well well, this day was a very bad day as far as taking care of myself, I got maybe 1 quarter the fluid that I should have, I had coffee, and I ate 2 snack wraps from Mcdonalds. I knew the day wouldn't be the greatest because we had planned on not being home all day, add the fact that it was daylights savings and we were screwed up all day. our time was all mixed up we ended up eating late and I had a more than 5 hour gap between Lunch and dinner with no snack in between. I was offered Tagalongs and chocolate covered cherries and I did not accept either. I told my wife as we pulled into the Mcdonalds parking lot, "I am not posting a menu for this day on my blog haha" and she said "you should do it anyways, accountability ya know" so here you have it. I think I still need to stay accountable and honest for this to work for me so here you have it.

In my previous post I said that I picked up some wheels and tires from my cousin, they are the style that have 2 sets of lug patterns built into them so I will attempt to mount them on my wifes car because 1) My car already has after market wheels, 2) the new wheels are black and my car is Dark forest green, so I don't know how that will look together. also I stayed up until 2:30 am so I am very tired this morning. so all in all I think I will have another challenging day today given everything from yesterday, it feels like 30 hours were squeezed into the last 24 to me, I over all feel like crap this morning. I will likely head off to bed early tonight and skip the exercise for the day purely because of the fact that I just don't think its healthy to push myself when I have had 3 to 3.5 hours sleep after a long day of not so good intake/exercise etc. but who knows, I may decide that walk is a good thing. tomorrow is a new day that will begin on a better foot and stay in the right direction.

I will leave you with the menu and I believe that I will be attempting to do a lot of reading and possibly more posts in the blog today to keep me aware and give me something to do as like I said I am really beat today. I feel like I was out all night drinking with the boys. dry mouth, tired a bit disoriented because of the lack of sleep and a bit achy lol so exactly like a night out drinking.


10:45 AM
1 pear 85

12:00 PM
1 granola bar 90

2:45 PM
1 Subway club double meat 425

3:30 PM
coffee with creamer 40

7:45 PM
2 grilled snack wraps from Mcdonalds 520

9:40 PM
2 boiled eggs (beet eggs) 150
4 slices pickled beets 20

Grand total of 1330 not so healthy calories for the day, I feel dehydrated and groggy, I am going to try and eat as cleanly as possible today (Monday) and I told my wife last night when the decision to eat at Mchell, "its just life happening" nothing I can do about it. sometimes these things are going to happen and we may be forced to eat at a not so healthy place. I don't think the choice in food was the best, but I do think it could have been much worse. with that, its behind me and as long as theres a loss this week I am happy.

As Ever


  1. Oh my gosh! I was expecting something worse than this, Zeus!! You are crazy if you think you did BAD yesterday!! 2 snack wraps?! C'mon! That's the lowest-calorie thing they have! I guess you should only maybe feel guilty about not getting enough fluids down, but oh well! One day like that is no biggie! You have to give yourself a little more credit here!
    And, dammit, if you're going to admit your "bad day" then I guess I should admit mine:
    Saturday I did fine for breakfast, but then I had Cheetos with my sandwich during lunch. Then, we went out to eat at Chili's, and I only had 515 calories to spend on dinner. I had grilled shrimp, mashed potatoes with gravy, 2 Asian lettuce wraps (my husband and I split them) and about 4 bites of the white chocolate molten cake (cake, ice cream, white chocolate). Now THAT was a bad day! Oh, and I should also mention that I did no exercise, took no vitamin, and only took my fiber supplement once. I considered fibbing on my blog! But, I just decided that I would just say that "class was cancelled" instead, because that sounded a lot better! And, I didn't have to do any fibbing! (I really wouldn't have fibbed on there anyway!) What's the point of keeping a journal like this if you aren't going to be totally honest about everything? For me, it's hard to want to admit that I screwed up when I have promised to do good so many times!
    Okay, novel comment here. Sorry. Anyway, I just am totally surprised to see what you ate yesterday - - when you reported that you had a "bad day." Sorry, but I don't think you had a bad day yesterday at all. But, get that water in today! You'll feel better! And, see if you can't catch a nap, too!!

  2. Okay, fine: I also had some tortilla chips and salsa on Saturday!!! :(

  3. You're so funny Robyn, Thanks for the comment, I just feel like it was a bad in whole because of when I ate as well as what I ate. and I had a 1 liter bottle of green tea and thats it all day for fluid! besides a half of a medium diet coke from Mcdonalds :( yuck.

    As Ever

  4. That's a bad day?? seriously, I understand what you're saying though. I think daylight savings has everyone all messed up. my bf slept until NOON yesterday, I only made one meal in the middle of the afternoon and snacked most of the day, mostly on not-so-great stuff. In addition to that, I work for a rather well known natural foods store and have been involved in the opening of a new one in the area, so not only am i stressed, but i'm not buying meal ingredients on a daily basis so i've been throwing together some not so great meals at home because i haven't had the access to the super fresh ingredients i'm used to. the long days i've been working haven't lent themselves to stopping at the store on the way home. the plus side to that is that i still lost two pounds - so i guess since i'm done ranting in your comments, lol, what i'm trying to say is that one day or even a rough week isn't going to do you in :)

  5. you are such a dork...

    I hope you see that your "bad" day is due more in part to how you feel than how you actually did. I am sure by now you know that you didn't do so bad but you sure felt crappy anyhow.

    I know I may not be the best advice giver out there; but I am willing to bet that your wife will agree with me here; you have the willpower of a thousand men--be proud of yourself. It is not easy to start the changes you have started let alone continue them. You are doing good Zeus don't get down on yourself. I may attribute this to PMS if I didn't KNOW you were a dude!!

  6. Tony, Tony, Tony...
    Forgive and put behind you. You REALLY could have done a lot more damage- Get back on track, as I know you will. Get some needed rest, and we'll look forward. What's done is done. And drink your H2O.
    Have a great day!