Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 84

Back on track from the worse weekend (food wise) that I have had since starting eating better. I am back under Fridays weight again so I feel better about that. I believe I will end up with a small loss this week, but hey! I enjoyed my weekend without counting and weighing things obsessively and for the most part are no worse off for it.

A while back I stated that I was going to start meditating, well that never really happened except for a few times in the beginning, I plan on revisiting that choice as I am feeling stressed lately, non diet related, just in general. The park up the street that I also mentioned a while back opens back up next week, so I will be able to go there to walk soon, I am very much looking forward to that, the park should be pretty much empty except for the random elderly person or person on a bike, basically what I am getting at is it should be enjoyable. I think its safe to say I have found my groove and am on cruise control with this new way of eating.

lately to pass the time and relax I have been playing my guitar a lot. the music of the week is Pink Floyd, wify is very into them and I like them so why not. this concludes todays broadcast. here is the menu for your reading delight.


8:30 AM
2 slice whole wheat bread 140
3oz deli turkey 90
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

12:00 PM
1 can progresso lite soup 120
5 ritz crackers 70

2:45 PM
2 slices whole wheat toast 140
4 slices turkey bacon 60
2oz sliced tomato 10
2oz lettuce 5
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

5:45 PM
1 can tuna 160
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 pat butter 35
1 tbsp Miracle whip 35
5 ritz crackers 70
1oz Vermont sharp Cheddar 110

9:00 PM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

Grand total of 1455 calories for the day, perfectly within target, and I feel good about how its spaced out. I will be posting a few recipes up later today, nothing extravagant, just how I make my tuna etc and some faux crab (not really it just tastes that way to me) so yeah faux crab lol, thanks for reading.

As Ever


  1. Glad to see you are right back on track. Really, I had no doubts! Good job!

  2. I promise I won't do this again BUT I just had to write it out because it has helped me soooooo much with stress and other silly things and since you had mentioned meditating it just sorta felt right to post something here about GOD. Oh not that I'm saying anything about what you do or do not believe or anything -- just that it really has helped me.

    I like to read a bit of my bible and meditate on that. God is so amazing. When I am started to let the "world" take over it helps me to stay grounded with prayer and meditation. I am almost always happy now -- not like before when silly things would stress me. I have finally let God be in the lead and I just follow. By doing that I am relieved of a great deal of stress. I always see the silver lining and am hopeful and patient and if you could have known me five years ago -- I am soooo different now and it is all because of God. I love to know that I am forgiven it helps me to be more forgiving to others. okay enough already.

  3. That will be nice once the park is open and you can just walk and enjoy nature. That alone will help with the stress. I love that part of my morning walk, just enjoying the weather (just give me another month or so and I'll be complaining to beat the band about the heat, lol) the beautiful blue sky and the smell of all the blossoms in the air. Arizona really has the best winters :)

    Can't wait for the recipes. I love seeing what everyone else is eating, to see if it's something that might work for me too.

    Have a good day!

  4. I look forward to your recipes! Sorry to hear you're stressed out a bit lately. Happens to the best of us...
    Looks like your menu is exactly on track, as ALWAYS, so good job with that! Hope you had a good walk this morning....I've got to get some kind of exercise myself.