Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 62

I had a busy day, we were out almost all day long. Grandma came and picked up my son and took him to her house, where we would eventually end up for dinner. wify and I went out on a search for a pedal for the bike and after 5 or so stores we had no luck. Bike shops to exercise equipment shops no one had the pedal, one place said they may be able to special order something but we would have to "call on Monday" so we shall. then it was off to guitar center for some strings for my guitar and we ended with a couple more places that we needed to go. we were out and it was time to eat so we ended up at Subway where I found that you can get a pretty decent sammie for not too much calories and it was more than filling, so we may end up there more often. The day ended at Mom in laws for a nice Salmon dinner, which was very good. she made oatmeal cookies while we were there and I had just over 200 calories left so I had one. I have no clue what the calorie count was on 1 cookie so I counted it as 200 in my calories for the day. all in all a decent day.

I added all of my intake for the day in a little notebook as we were out pretty much all day. it worked good.

My Ovation guitar

onto the menu.


10:00 AM
1oz vermont sharp cheddar 110
8 wheat ritz crackers 112

11:30 AM
1 small pear 85

2:30 PM
6in subway club double meat 425
crystal light 15

5:45 PM
4oz broiled salmon 200
6oz brussel sprouts 60
5oz baby red potatos baked 115
small green salad 50
lite ceasar dressing 90

6:30 PM
3 tbsp cool whip & sugar free jello 30

7:15 PM
1 oatmeal cookie 200

Grand total of 1492 calories for the day. Had a nice fish dinner at MIL's house and got a few things done that I have been putting off. all in all a decent day.

A Ever


  1. Oh man...if I had 1500 calories to spend one day, I'd eat what you had yesterday (except for the Salmon, because I don't think I've ever had it. I'm scared of fish b/c my stomach was very *sensitive* to it when I was a child. I'd probably go for Tuna steak or Mahi-Mahi instead).
    That's too bad that you can't find a place to get that pedal. Have you checked on the bike manufacturer's website? They may list a vendor in your area that may have the part you need or something. Like some little dinky vacuum repair store or something weird like that. ;)
    Sounds like you had a nice full day yesterday, and still managed to stay exactly on track with your calories! No surprise there. I like that guitar. Congrats on the new strings. I'm sure you'll get them "broken in" very soon. ;)

  2. I for believe that duct tape fixes everything. pedal on.

  3. that should have been "for ONE"
    crap why can't you just edit these comments without having to delete them and start over?

  4. good job on your calories! You kept busy and a nice fish dinner to top it off. SWEET!
    I did not weigh in last week- I will be this Friday morning. If I can get up and on the computer, I will post it then. Still working on my schedule. Really tired today!
    hope your pedal dilemma is resolved soon!