Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The ninety first day

Here we are 91 days in and still going strong. no one can stop me at this point, I do what I want when I want and don't even worry about the calories any more, I just eat when I am hungry and make sure I get in my fluids, on the ninety first day I drank 160 oz of fluid, which included 128 of green tea. I rarely drink crystal light any more. its either green tea or water for me.

Exercise has been walking, I walk a lot now, I try and walk every day as much as I can. my wife was talking to my Mom (who lives in CA) and she told her "He was going to go for a walk in the rain today" and my mom asked "are you sure you're talking about the right person?" and then expressed joy at the change I had made recently. I have not been doing my push ups as I had been, so I did a few sets and wow do I feel it in my chest, so I will resume the push ups from now on for a while again. I am a little worried about losing muscle mass with this whole loss thing, so I want to try and keep up on muscle building exercise while I keep the movement as high as possible. I can already notice that my arms seem smaller to me, now I don't know if its just me or if they really are smaller (muscular wise) at this point in the game it may just be in my head, but we shall see.


9:30 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95
1 12oz can of pepsi 150

12:30 PM
1 lean cuisine 240
3/4 cup cooked rice 150
2 cadbury creme eggs 300

3:45 PM
1 lite dannon yogurt 60

6:00 PM
1/2 cup refried beans 90
3 mission white tortilla shells 165
1oz 2% cheddar cheese 85
2 oz sliced tomato 10
1oz lettuce 10
1oz onion 10
pile of jalapeno pepper slices 25 (I was really craving these)
2 tbsp salsa 10

7:45 PM
2 pepperoni lean pockets 560

Grand total of 2195 calories for the day, I ate a lot of peppers, I don't know what was up, I was just craving them, I was eating them straight out of the jar my wife and son were looking at me like I was nuts but man do I love hot peppers. as always thank you for your support and for following along.

As Ever


  1. Peppers and Pepsi. Very different kind of day for you! haha.
    That's great that you haven't been worrying too much about the calories....you just eat, and then add them up at the end of the day, and they work. That's how I'm hoping to become soon.
    Muscle mass? Well, I'm sure there is a bit of loss there, not only because you are losing so much weight and all...but becuase you don't have as much "weight-lifting" to do now that you've taken off so much weight off of your body recently! You'll be able to easily build them back up to as big as you want....as you start getting into it more.
    I bet your mom is very proud of you. I'd be proud if I were your mommy. :)

  2. Yay, another pepper freak! I love peppers, jalepenos and peppercini's mostly, and of course the main staple of my diet, roasted red peppers!

    Dinner sounds yummy. I must plan a mexican dinner night soon as I've been craving that lately :)

    Great job on fluids, dang! I just can't seem to give up my daily crystal light, well it's actually not even crystal light it's some walmart knock-off brand, lol! But it does have zero calories whereas CL has 5 so hey I'm saving myself about 20 calories a day :)

  3. Tony,
    I was contacted today by a reporter who is doing a story about diet blogging for the Vancouver Globe and Mail. She ran across my Buckle Up, Fatty blog and asked is she could contact me for an interview.
    After the interview was finished, she asked if there were any other bloggers that I could point out for her. I hope you don't mind, I emailed her this blog address.
    Her name is Wency, and if she contacts you, it's not an April Fool's joke like I initially thought it was.
    Have fun with it and celebrate your success! She's very nice.

  4. Thanks for the comments as alway guys , and in case you haven't figured it out the intake for the day was because of April 1st my actual intake was 1337 calories for the day ;) it will be in my am's post for tomorrow.

    Sherry, that is absolutely ok with me that you forwarded the blog address. it could only help my situation I think. Thanks

    As Ever

  5. You are doing good Mr. Meatball if you are worried about muscle loss try adding to your protein intake it may help prevent the loss. Energy is usually used in this order
    There are stallone puddings:
    I personally would trust my life to Rocky so why not eat the puddings?
    There are some more cool sites to check out for this.

    I am happy that you have made your mama proud -- and boy you better just give the wife a big old smooch for being the kind of wife that talks to the mother in law!!!

    You and the Mrs. are making such important changes in your lives and you are doing it together what a team! Can you believe that you may have very well extended your life so that you can see grandchildren and play with them and how cool is that!!

  6. Haha, I didn't think your calories looked right but I didn't have time to check them this morning, lol!

    April Food's indeed!