Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 97 and some changes to the blog

So there I was, just sitting here looking at my blog and thought to myself "hmmm the brown paisley just isn't me" so I decided to revamp it a little bit, and I made a header for the page and here it is, hows it look? I had a plain black background (where the black pattern is now) but decided that this looked better. so there you have it...the new look.

I may start to post up more personal insights to my personal life and how things are changing because of the weight loss. the last post is an example of what I mean when I say that. sometimes I feel like writing and usually it goes into a word doc and thats the end of it. but I see no reason that I can't toss some of it up here from time to time, so look for that in the future. things are pretty good here as far as the "diet" goes, but I still haven't beaten this bug that I have had for the last few days so thats slightly annoying. calories were good for Sunday coming in at 1465 total so pretty much right on the nose.

My weekend was wasted because of my cousin being less reliable than a car with no wheels, he invited himself over for dinner on Saturday, which was fine, so we straightened up the house and decided to lay low all day and just hang out at home as I was going to make a big dinner, out came the chicken from the freezer and off to the supermarket to buy some fresh veggies for a salad. he called and said he would be there around 4pm, cool. so 4 pm rolls around and no cousin, still no worries, I go into the kitchen and start washing off the chicken and the phone rings, hey its him! calling at 4:45pm to tell us that he won't be able to come for dinner at 4pm because he fell asleep. (he lives an hour away) so w/e no big deal he says he will stop by on Sunday, I put the chicken in the fridge and we make all of the sides and have fish instead. fast forward to Sunday, again decide to hang out at home, and we ran a few errands, come home and start getting dinner ready. its now 4:30 pm and no call from my reliable cousin, so wify decides to call him, gets the machine, leaves a message. no worries I cook the abundance of chicken that we were going to cook and decide that if he doesn't show we have chicken in the fridge. well guess show again, so we spent just about the whole weekend in the house anticipating the visit and no trip to the park that just opened up for us this weekend, Sunday was windy and cooled way off but Saturday would have been perfect.. such is the way of the world. so it looks like we will be having chicken for dinner today (Monday) and we still haven't heard from him... meh.

I shall now give you the menu for Sunday.


10:30 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

1:30 PM
1 mexican lean pocket 240

6:15 PM
7oz roasted chicken breast 385
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150
1 pat butter 35
small green salad 35
2 tbsp Newmans best honey mustard dressing 70

7:30 PM
1 lite dannon yogurt 60

8:15 PM
1.5 cups bran cereal 180
1 cup 1% milk 110

Grand total of 1465 calories for the day, not too bad. I do have a feeling I will have a low loss for this week because it was so large last week, that remains to be seen so all I can do is wait. I DO plan on getting to that park on the first nice day! I will post up some pictures from whenever we end up going. keep on keepin on and stay tuned for more from me.

As Ever


  1. I like the new look. The header pic is awesome. I also really dig the black background. I like noir stuff and that's what it feels like to me :)

    Food looks good. I love honey mustard so I'm definitely going to have to try the Newman's Own brand b/c the calories look good for it. I usually make homemade.

  2. annoying that your cousing bailed on you two days in a row!! :( Boo!!
    I, too, like the new look! :) It's very "you."

  3. Thanks guys! I think the page is more "me" now ;)

    The Newmans own dressing is amazing! I never would have thought it to be light if someone had just given me some.

    As Ever