Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 113 inspiration

I want to start todays post by saying that it is beautiful outside! hmmm and yet I find myself on my lap top indoors typing out this string of thoughts put to words via my fingers and this blog. The kiddo is watching sesame street and were headed out to play in the yard after I click the publish button.

It dawned on me that I am very close to the "lost 100 pounds" mark in this trip to the half. this is very cool, and yet when I think of how much more I have to lose before I am where I need to be I realize that the actual number dwarfs what I have lost so far no matter how much it is. when I started I needed to lose 259 lbs currently I still need to lose 176 lbs to reach my goal of being 275 lbs. I could not be happier with my progress so far no matter how much more it is that I need to lose but to call it a victory at this point would be silly and I must keep things in perspective.

Someone left a comment in my last post that said "Did you ever think you would be inspiring others? It must be pretty cool." (thanks Holly) honestly, the answer to that is No. I did not start this blog to inspire and awe the masses, I started it to have a way to stay accountable and to track my daily intake and movement so that I could look back and see what was working and what was not. the truth is that I get emails from time to time or messages on a couple of forums that I read a lot saying that very thing, "You are inspiring" to answer the second part of Holly's comment, YES! it is pretty cool. I know first hand that dropping weight is not easy, fun, exciting or anything other than lots of hard work and discipline, so the fact that someone can find themselves inspired by me is a great feeling if I am being honest, I enjoy receiving emails, private messages and comments that let me know that not only someone cared enough to take the time to leave me a comment or write me that short note but that I may have inspired them to stay on track for the day, or just that they know they are not the only one struggling with something. Who wouldda thunk a fat guy could be an inspiration, just for dropping pounds? either way, Thanks to everyone that cared enough to drop me an email or a message or leave comments, many of you have inspired me as well.

Here is my menu from Tuesday.


8:15 AM
3 oz deli turkey 80
2 slice lite rye bread 80
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

11:00 AM
1 pear 80

2:30 PM
1 lean cuisine 280
2 slices lite rye bread 80
1 dannon lite yogurt 60

6:00 PM
1 can tuna 150
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
6oz sweet potato fries 150
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
5 wheat ritz crackers 70
ketchup 20

8:30 PM
1 banana 105
1 orange 80

Grand total of 1445 calories for the day ending with a couple pieces of fruit at the end of the night to make up some calories. everything is on track and the weight is still coming off. I am very pleased with my results to date and don't plan on stopping until I hit my goal weight and even then who knows.

As Ever


  1. Awwww....what a nice post! :)
    I love the picture you posted....very clever, you are. LOL! I know that your goal weight still seems so far off, but just think about how far off your heaviest weight is now that you're inching your way closer and closer to the "I lost 100 pounds" mark! 500+ pounds is SO history for you, and that, in itself, should keep you going and going for as long as it takes! :D

  2. Hey! Just keep doing what you're doing. Dont focus too much on the numbers- Think about the time spent outside w/ the kids, the long walks, pain free activities. You are well on your way to a major success story my friend! Way to go!!!

  3. and by the way, you are not inspiring because of the weight loss per se but because of the determination, drive, and willpower you exhibit!

    lest we mention the wify "the team meatball" is complete with her. that is a great inspiration too. knowing that you and her are both changing as a whole is very remarkable.

  4. I agree with Holly...your determination and drive are definitely inspirational. I think you've done fantastic and are on the right track! Keep it up. And, I plan to do the same.

  5. I'm baaaaack! I just finished getting caught up on all the posts I missed this week while I was off with hubby. I can't wait for you to hit that 100 lbs gone mark, that will be so exciting for you, and for those of us that are riding shotgun ;) You amaze me everyday!