Sunday, April 6, 2008

Reflecting back to the start of it all.

There he sat, where he could be found sitting most nights at this time, it was 6:45 pm on a Monday night and nothing particular was going on that evening, which didn’t exactly make him happy because it was New Years Eve. The kids were running around and his wife asked him what was the plan for the evening, and they both decided that since there was no sitter for the children it was going to be a couple drinks on the couch watching a movie. An agreement was made and she ran out and grabbed some Disaronno and a bottle of sour mix, while he stayed at home with the kids. Upon her return he noticed that the bag was too big to contain just the drinking paraphernalia and he asked, “What else did ya end up getting?” to which she answered with only a smile. Inside the bag was a six pack of Mike’s hard lemonade along with the Disaronno, sour mix, and 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, one pint of Chubby Hubby, which was very fitting, and one pint of Dublin mudslide. Looking at everything on the table and feeling a bit discouraged because of his afternoon of reading weight loss surgery websites he silently made a decision to himself to not eat the pint of Dublin mudslide sitting on the table so innocently. A short time later they made their way to the living room, put a movie into the DVD player, and mixed a couple drinks. After their first drink was done she walked into the kitchen and grabbed the 2 pints of ice cream and headed back into the living room. She offered him his pint, his reply to her was, “No thanks, put it back in the freezer I will eat it in a year” she complied and into the freezer the pint of Dublin mudslide went. He thought to himself “just make it through tonight without taking the ice cream”. She quietly enjoyed her pint all by herself, though making a joke here or there while eating it, things like “are you sure you don’t want just one bite?” but he did not give in and remained in the mindset that if he could just make the morning without eating it that it would prove that he did in fact have this thing called willpower. That night he went to bed and the ice cream did in fact survive the night, when he woke up the next morning it was on, and he wrote down every single thing that went into his mouth that day, as well as creating a blog “just to see how it went”. Who would have ever thought that a pint of ice cream could be so significant?

This is the very bottle of Disaronno and the pint of Dublin Mudslide that was bought on the night I just wrote about. it is still in the freezer.

The rest is, how do they say? History. I am the he in the short story above and the she is my lovely wife. Today he is 78 pounds lighter and has not eaten badly in ninety six days. That pint of Dublin Mudslide still lives in the freezer and in one years time from Jan 01 2008 he will enjoy it, BUT the difference is going to be that he is enjoying it on his terms, not because he could not resist it, or because he lacked the discipline or willpower to not eat it, but because on December 31st 2007 he pronounced that he would eat it in a year.

I felt like writing tonight so I thought I would post this up there for anyone who cares to read it. I do thank everyone for their support up to this point and want you all to know that it is greatly appreciated. Thank you

As Ever


  1. Funny how it's the little things that set us in the right direction. For me it was being called a huge bit*h in a grocery store parking lot by a total stranger. You are inspiring, and you are doing great. You really have something to be proud of.

  2. AW, I LOVE that story!!! :) Can you imagine actually opening that ice cream after 1 year?! That will be such a big day for'll realize then how far you've actually come! I continue to be VERY impressed with your willpower and dedication to stick to your plan. I feel like I've gone back and fourth, back and fourth a little at times....but I've been able to count on you to remain diligent - and continue to be a great dieting "role-model." ;)
    Thanks for that inspiration. You know, it reminds me of New Year's Eve, when we hung out at my sister's house for a bit...I scarfed down as many chocolate chips cookies (my sister bakes great CC cookies...) as my big fat heart desired, knowing that the next day - I'd begin a new way of life. And, I do totally feel like it's a new way of living...since if I ever get offered awesome cookies like those again, I will have one...and enjoy it immensely. I don't believe that I'll ever have 1/2 a dozen cookies at one time...ever again. Okay, well, that doesn't EXACTLY relate to your ice cream story....but it just reminded me of how I got one last day of horrible eating in - before I started all of this up.
    Anyway, great post...I really enjoyed reading it. :)
    I say "gimme more!" :)

  3. I think your post today is so important, because it shows you made a choice. One choice. which has grown into many new choices, and a new lifestyle. How incredible. This post is a keeper! You must be very proud. And wifey too. The two of you are great inspirations!!!!

  4. That's a great story, good post :) I'm so happy for you. I love coming here everyday to read about your day and your posts. You are a great inspiration, keep it up!

  5. Thanks for all of the comments guys, they are appreciated. I figure I will post up some closer to the heart kind of stuff up here now and again, not really more to the heart but more personal stuff. that ice cream may seem insignificant to a lot of people but to a guy that weighed in the mid 500's the significance is there. again I thank you for the comments.

    As Ever