Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 111

Lots and Lots of exercise this weekend and my body feels it, I am taking today off (Monday) as far as the exercise goes. I don't know exactly how many miles I walked this weekend but it was a lot. starting Friday right into Sunday there WAS Movement! my calves are tight, my thighs are sore, back aching and I feel great! Saturday My mother in law invited us over for chicken on the grill, baked sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and salad, I did have a tiny piece of a citrus pound cake for desert as well, it was a good meal. Entertainment was provided by watching my Mother in law and her man/boy friend/commonwealth husband, you choose the title, argue all day in that way that only they know how to so well. My weight is down from Friday and that makes me happy as well.

I did get to play with my car a bit on Sunday, I need to get her ready for the spring and summer right? a couple weeks back I bought some leather seats to put in it so I spent some time removing the old ones and swapping the seat tracks from the old seats to the new. I do need 1 track to complete the swap so the car sits seat less in the driveway atm while both sets of seats sit in the basement. the carpet was very dirty under the mats and the seats, much more dust than you would think could be under there so I will shampoo the carpet before returning the seats into the car as well, it should look pretty good when I am done, and I am looking forward to just taking it out for a ride through some of the twisty rural roads around my house. @$3.70 per gallon of gas it will be bitter sweet I am afraid, but I love driving my car so it is what it is.

Pre removal of the seats, she sits in the driveway.

The menu from Sunday was a good one, even though I did eat one late item. here it is.


9:45 AM
3oz deli turkey 75
2 slices lite rye 80
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
blueberry green tea 15

1:30 PM
1 can progresso soup 120
3/4 cups cooked white rice 150
blueberry green tea 25

3:45 PM
1 pear 80

6:15 PM
2 gortons fish fillet 340
7oz baked sweet potato 175
2 cups broccoli 60
ketchup 20

7:30 PM
2oz sweet potato 50

8:45 PM
1 Dannon lite yogurt 60

11:45 PM
1 beet egg 70

Grand total of 1355 calories for the day and the blueberry green tea I listed only because it had some calories in it, that along with my normal green tea intake was well over a gallon for Sunday. I had a great weekend and we rarely were not doing something from Friday afternoon right up until Sunday evening, the weather is getting beautiful outside so it is easy to make myself go out and do something that will burn some calories. Thanks for following my progress in this life changing regimen that I have taken on.

As Ever


  1. awesome weekend! Great to get out there myself. Keep up the good work. Rest today, play tomorrow!!!!

  2. I'm so excited you did so much exercising this weekend. Woohoo! I love the feeling of soreness from workout, it makes me feel like I'm actually doing some good. MMmm blueberry green tea sounds delightful.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys :) the weather here has been perfect I hope you have been getting your fill Sandy.

    the tea is awesome andeely. and the movement was better than that!

    As Ever

  4. I am glad you are sore! I love that feeling :) It does make you feel like you are accomplishing something.

    I noticed in your picture that it looks like winter still! WOW I am going to snap some pictures of my yard -- which has been green for at least two months now. what a difference it is! unless it is an old pic :)

  5. Holly that pic is maybe 2 weeks old :) all of the trees in the back yard sprouted buds this last week, but it still looks pretty much like that.

    As Ever

  6. Welcome to the HYC, looks like you are doing awesome!!

  7. I want to see a pic of the car once you get those new seats in! Shampooing underneath the seats?! Wow...your car is spoiled! Haha. That's pretty funny that your entertainment at the cookout was watching your mother in law and her "man" (that's my favorite choice of words) bickering - as long as they were mostly just playing around, and not really fighting ('cause there's nothing worse than having to witness/be in the middle of a real fight between a man and a woman! But, playful bickering IS always entertaining!) Citrus cake.....yum. I'd love me a slice of orange pound cake with a little nice sugary glaze on top....