Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 98, Surviving Peanut butter

Its 8:30 am and the peanut butter is safe and sound inside its plastic jar snug up in the cabinet. I have no clue what that urge was about last night but I am happy that it has passed. like I stated in the previous post, that is only the second time in more than 3 months that I have had urges like that and it was more hunger pains than an urge but man I don't like it. as I type this I am eating, you guessed it, a banana with peanut butter on it and my morning green tea. I was attempting to not drink the green tea yesterday (wify made a suggestion) BUT I am a firm believer in the teas appetite suppression qualities now. I have read that it can suppress appetite and I was admittedly skeptic about it, not any more. I 100% believe that the tea has been helping me by not only boosting my metabolism but by helping with the urges. To go from about a gallon per day to none may have played a role in my little peanut butter attack last evening.

Green tea fields of Daehan Tea Plantation Posung county, South Cholla Province Korea

So..now that I have got that figured out, we can move onto the rest of the days activities, which weren't much I am afraid. just an average day on the ranch. I did go over calories by just a bit but I am not worried about it as my scale is still headed down so I am happy about that. also it is suppose to reach 60 degrees this week so I am hoping that I can get out to the park sometime and maybe get a walk in at the bird sanctuary, I will most certainly post some pictures when I do get over there, its a beautiful park. speaking of parks, I have also set a goal for myself for this coming fall, there is a park in CT called Sleeping Giant, when I was a kid we went there a lot to hike to the top of the "mountain" if you want to call it a mountain. it is a beautiful place but I have not been there in I would have to say at least 15 years. there are all sorts of trails and its a very nice place to hike, so I thought it would be a good idea to hike to the top as a goal. I do not believe that I could make it without a lot of trouble right now as I am, so I wish to get into a physical shape that I can bring my kids up there as my father brought me. so that is now an "official" goal of mine.

Here is a photo of Sleeping Giant and its obvious where it got the name.

Here is the menu from Monday.


8:00 AM
1 banana 105

10:30 AM
2 hebrew national hot dogs 90
2 slices lite rye bread 80
ketchup 15

1:30 PM
1 can progresso soup 120
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150

3:30 PM
crystal light 40

6:15 PM
7oz roast chicken breast 385
2 cups fresh frozen green beans 90
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150
1 pat butter 35
random spices 10

7:30 PM
Banana 105
Peanut Butter 95

8:45 PM
Orange 80

Grand total of 1550 calories for the day, slightly over my limit but even still not too bad considering, over all I am happy with the progress and other than yesterday the intake has been great. Until we meet again.

As Ever


  1. Ohh yay! I'm so glad that your 'urge' passed! I'm completely with you on the green tea wagon. I have felt less hungry since I started drinking it last week. I have to force myself sometimes to eat my meals because I could probably go without a meal a day, which in the long run wouldn't be good. I'm really glad I tried it due to your raving reviews, so thanks!

  2. andeely, anything I can do to help :) honestly.. its part of why I started this blog in the first place, accountability, so that I have a journal of what I ate etc and to help other people that may need the help. I know its not easy for people to stick to diets etc, and if anything that I was doing could help someone good on me ;) it makes me happy that you got something out of my blog. Thank you for the comment, I appreciate that you take the time to comment to my ramblings.

    As Ever

  3. I love tea. I love hot tea the best though w/ cream and sugar!! We always had tea in the evenings in my house growing up. Not a lot of hot tea drinkers down here. When I want something sweet now that is what I have. of course w/ no sugar now I use splenda. I am not a big fan of artificial sweeteners though and would just not recommend them. I will be using this next http://www.stevia.net/ but since I am cheap and already bought the darn Splenda that is what I am using. I love tea.