Thursday, April 24, 2008

One hundred and fourteen days in.

Its just before ten am and I just put a pot on the stove to make some chicken soup as I had a perfectly fine carcass in the fridge. its in the high 60's low 70's and theres a nice breeze outside, the sky is blue with a couple fluffy white clouds floating around, I will go out for a walk when I am done posting this. I am feeling really good at this point in the game, which is only 4 months in. I have dropped a substantial amount of weight in that time and there is no end in sight as far as the loss goes. I didn't feel like writing today so I decided to just start typing and see what came out, I am in sort of a just here mood, I believe I will drag the lawn furniture up out of the basement and back out into the yard later and just relax under one of the trees in my back yard. my weight seems to be going down steadily and I am still not struggling with feeling hungry or being able to stay under my intake goal of 1500 calories. the exercise has not really picked up from last week as much as I would have liked it to have, But I have been pretty active and moving around all week though so I don't feel that bad about it.

Part deux

Ok here I am its now 11:18am, I had closed this post for lack of enthusiasm, and still have not gone for a walk, I am feeling very for lack of a better term today, lazy, and unmotivated. its the kind of day that I just want to go sit in the yard with a 6 pack and a watermelon and thats that. but I have calories to watch, and soup to cook and children to play with bleh. I AM going for a walk when I click the publish button on this post, but I can't seem to get my shit together this morning and get a move on. the sound of a Large vacuum cleaner mounted inside a van bellows through the air right at this moment as Barney sings "I love you you love me" the smell of chicken is in the air and right now as I type this I have had enough, I am on my way out the door, perhaps I will bring my digital camera and take a few pictures of what I see whilst I walk and post them up here when I get back, perhaps I won't I don't know, but I will bring the camera either way. wow talk about a randomness personified...

I shall return

As Ever


  1. man did I jinx you or what!!!

    I am sorry that you are feeling blah- I think we all have those days. Sometimes I look at all I need to do and get so overwhelmed that I just don't do any of it. Where is the logic in that? Music is what helps me get out of the slumps. I blast the stereo and take the energy from whoever is playing at the moment (even Barney!) They seem to have enough to spare.

    oh by the way I have a garden that I planted -- first time I have done this on my own. But it helps me to get into the yard more -- just an idea. I always feel better after I do something and I can see the results!

    oh and this is a great website for you and your baby girl:
    they have such good ideas!!

  2. I really hate those lazy day feelings. They are so hard to ignore ;) I hope you got out there and went for a walk in the beautiful weather you are experiencing. I know that when I go for a walk it helps to keep the lazybug at bay :)

  3. Holly, no jinx, I make my own choices, I think thats why this is working for me thus far, I hope you know how much that your support is appreciated and I also agree with using music to get away from things. I took a look at that site pretty cool!

    andeely, yes I did go out for a walk, it is very nice here today, I would probably say that it couldn't be more perfect honestly. 75 sunny and breezy with fluffy white clouds floating around. looks like a movie scene! also Thank you for the support as well.

    As Ever

  4. Glad to hear you got out there and walked- helps, doesnt it? We all have bleh days, no worries. Looking forward to tomorrows weigh in.

  5. so I just finished my 55 minutes on the treadmill! where are you at for the day???? I need to drink my water now...oh I must go make sure Robyn has drank hers too!!

    is drank a word? hmmm

    off to mow the lawn :)

  6. ah yes... lazy day syndrome. The walking helps, otherwise try to enjoy the laziness. I find it is kind of nice to do that every now and again.

  7. Lazy days: I have those a LOT. Joanie and I were discussing lazy days yesterday, and it seems that boredom and lack of "anything to do" causes lazy-feelings (aka: tiredness or "bleh" feelings.) A solution? I guess finding something to do - something that you feel that you HAVE to do - can help. But, then again, if you don't feel that there is anything you HAVE to do, then it's really hard to come up with something, when you're already feeling "bleh." hahahahaa..
    Glad to hear that you got that walk in, and enjoyed that beautiful weather that you were talking about!! Maybe you can think of something that you just HAVE to do today, like go to the grocery store for some milk and bread. Running out of milk and bread always gives me a good reason to get up and get around....and go somewhere (i.e. the store). But, with gas prices lately, it's almost better to say home and be lazy. It's kindof a double-whammy. Still doing great, though, and I know the scale will reflect all of your commitment this week!
    You're too funny! " drank a word..." Hahahahaha!
    BTW: TGIF!!!!!!