Monday, April 28, 2008

Salmon recipe

I was going to post this up here at a later time but I decided to post it up tonight because of Andeely's comment asking for the specifics of how I made some Atlantic Salmon steaks. This dish is a very healthy and tasty dish which is fairly low on calories. this meal does not take long to cook and can be an any time meal because of that, I wouldn't call this an elegant recipe by any means but it is extremely yummy and easy to make. total time to prep and cook it is approximately 22 min.

What you will need.

Salmon steaks
Butter or the equivalent (I used smart balance buttery spread with Omega-3)
Black pepper
Goya Adobo
Ritz crackers
Olive oil

See I told you simple! I got the idea to try this because of a green bean casserole recipe my wife makes that uses the crackers, I love the flavor and the texture of Salmon so I think putting too much extra flavor onto it would ruin it somewhat, the crackers worked out great.

What to do.

1. Put a small amount of Olive oil into the bottom of a shallow baking pan, just enough so the fish does not stick, I used a glass Pyrex pan 9x15 maybe (guessing at the size) place your rinsed off salmon steaks in to the dish skin on (it will basically fall off once its cooked and it helps hold the fish together while cooking) , we had 3 steaks approximately 1/2 pound each

2. Take a tiny amount of the butter and put it on each steak, season the top of the steak with the Adobo and pepper, I actually went really light with the adobo and sorta heavy with the pepper (I love black pepper) take 6 ritz crackers and break them up very fine and sprinkle them evenly onto the tops of the steaks and add a little more butter, use 1 large pat (less than 1 tbsp) on each steak total. sprinkle some more pepper onto the cracker topped steaks and slide them into a preheated 450 degree oven for 12-18 minutes. the time depends on the thickness of your steaks ours took 18 minutes and were just about perfect, they should flake easily when done. I would recommend checking them often after the 10 minute mark if you have thinner steaks.

3. When they flake easily, the meat is not opaque any more and the cracker topping starts to brown the steaks are done! remove them from the oven, place them onto a plate and remove the skin, it will just peel off very easily. serve it with your favorite veggie and maybe some rice and sit back and enjoy your Salmon steak dinner that took less than 30 mins total to prepare.

6oz Atlantic salmon steak 240 calories
2 Whole wheat ritz crackers 28 calories
1 Tbsp smart balance omega spread 50 calories

Total of 318 calories for a 6 oz steak, which was a very large portion, my wife ate a 4oz piece and was satisfied, so the calorie count can be adjusted by how large or small of a piece you take. if you decide to make this I hope you enjoy it, like I said its not an elegant recipe but it gets the job done and tastes very good.

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  1. OOOOOoooo yay! Thanks for the recipe...I'm going to try it sometime this week! Probably Tuesday night for dinner, I can't wait. I love salmon and always look for something new and different to do with it. I'm so I got my name in your post :) Heehee~

  2. I should probably just look this up and avoid looking like a big dummy, but I just thought I'd ask: What is Goya Adobo? I've not heard of that.
    The recipe does sound incredibly easy, and I'm sure that it is delicious! Now, where to find fresh Atlantic Salmon in Arkansas....
    Hmmm.. I'll have to look for it next time I'm at the store.

  3. Goya adobo is a spice made by Goya ;)

    As Ever

  4. hey Tony- Great recipe- love the ease of it. Could you do this the same way with a tuna steak? or Swordfish? Mmmmmmm...........

  5. sounds good. pretty darn easy too!!