Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2520 hours into this ride, AKA Day 105

Going over calories is all too easy lately, I had 1547 calories which is only 47 over the limit but if thats done each day for a week its almost 350 calories at the end of the week, so today (Tuesday) the mission will be to not go over my limit. otherwise I am doing ok, I think I am starting to get too comfortable with this way of life and letting myself slip a little too often as of late. so I think I need to adjust a bit. besides the slippage everything is on track for the most part.

Temptation comes in many forms, to some it might be a bottle of fine wine, and to others it could be the way a beautiful woman smiles at you as she walks down the street. now there are some people that temptation is a double cheese burger with bacon, onions and swiss. Hell, put all three of those scenarios together and we could be talking about a pretty good night! everyone has something that just does it for them, but every day people have to make decisions, decisions that mold their lives. giving into that bottle of fine wine may just mean that an alcoholic just fell off of the wagon and will now start drinking again, the woman walking down the street may be the affair that destroys a marriage, and that cheese burger no matter how trivial it may seem to some people might just mean that someone fails at losing the weight that is so very critical to their health, so everyone is tempted at some point. the trick is to not give into the urges and resist temptation. whats your point you ask? no point really, just some thoughts put to post, I believe that temptations and lack of self control is the biggest factor in failed attempts at something like weight loss. the other examples fall into this category as well in my opinion. Realizing that choices are yours to make and the only thing needed is the will to make it so is a very empowering thing, knowledge is power and when you have the power you are in control, I believe I have stepped across that threshold in recent months and have taken back something that I let get too far off in the distance as I idly sat watching it go out with the tide. will I succeed at this weight loss? maybe, might I fail? possible, BUT as long as I stay in control I increase the chance of success.

My intake has stayed steady and true and I have dropped a lot of weight, in fact if someone told me I would weigh this much less at the beginning of the year, I would have told them they were nuts. but here we are and the weight is gone so maybe it was me that was nuts all those years thinking that I couldn't do this. I have lots of weight to lose still but I think I am off to a good start, and I am willing to call this a start at this point.

heres Mondays menu.


7:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

12:30 PM
1 gortons fish fillet 170
1 arnold 100 calorie roll 100
1 apple 75
crystal light 15

3:15 PM
8 whole wheat ritz crackers 112
1oz vermont sharp white cheddar 110

5:45 PM
2 cups dads chicken soup 300
3/4 cup white rice 150

6:30 PM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

8:00 PM
green tea w/honey 40
1 orange 75

Grand total of 1547 calories for the day.

As Ever


  1. I agree 100%. Everybody has a different temptation, but everybody also has to make the choice for themself. It is about making good decisions every meal of everyday. It just depends who is willing to do that and who isn't. I am. And I know you are too!

    Good post :)

  2. ahhh temptation:

    Thai food -- all of it there isn't one thing I couldn't imagine loving from a Thai restaurant.

    Hamburgers and fries. good burgers too not "mcburgers"

    Really great cold beer from the tap in a frosty mug -- not commercial crap either -- I mean a good beer.

    Seafood -- CRABS in particular and more beer yummy yummy yummy

    ahhh temptations

    When I go to fall off the wagon I don't want to go gently I want to dive! Until I dive however I will be right here in the wagon with the rest of yall :)

    stupid fact:

    The origin of on the wagon becomes clearer in its early forms: on the water wagon and on the water cart. Horse-drawn water carts did not, as one might think, distribute drinking water, but were used during the late 19th century, especially during hot, dry summers, to wet down dusty roads. This was a period of active crusading, with women--and a few men--campaigning fervently for Prohibition on a national scale. Members of such organizations as the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (founded in 1874) and the Anti-Saloon League (formed in 1893) were trying desperately to close down breweries and saloons, which had proliferated extensively. They hoped to eliminate or reduce domestic abuse by encouraging sobriety in husbands and fathers.

    During this period, many of the men who pledged to stop drinking couched their vows in terms that said that no matter how much they longed for a strong drink, they would climb aboard a water cart to quench their thirst rather than break their vow. I'm on the water cart came to mean "No, thank you; I'm not drinking any more" or "I'm trying to stop." As the metaphor became more popular, wagon overtook cart in the American idiom; cart is still in use in England. The notion that you could easily fall off the wagon was apparently recognized early on. And of course drinking is no longer considered an exclusively male problem.

  3. Holly! You're so funny! Thanks for that little tidbit! I use "falling off the wagon" a lot, and it was neat to read how the term originated! :)

    Your writing has gotten so lovely! :D I sure do enjoy reading your posts! And, temptation? Yes...it's everywhere. And, yes...it's something that is to be resisted. We are able to make the decision to resist or not to resist....and we know that that decision might just shape our whole future. I think you have done a SWELL job so far with resisting all of the tempations that have likely presented themselves to you...and me not so much. But, I've learned that resisting temptation is something that I can become better at with practice! After all...I've never tried resisting temptations (foodwise) in the past...I just did not worry about it. This whole "resisting" thing is still fairly new to me, and I hope to get better and better at is as time goes by. :) You're doing a great job, by the way, of reminding me that IT CAN BE DONE.