Wednesday, April 16, 2008

106 Days in and I'm still here

Here we are and there we were and that brick wall is in front of me this week. I seem to have hit a brick wall as I stood on the scale this morning pondering how or why she was whispering into my ear that I am up one pound from Fridays weigh in. it has been like that all week, up a pound down a pound up one down two, and here I am its Wednesday and I am 455lbs. This makes me wonder whats different this week, I look at my intake and its on par be it slightly higher than normal but under goal so I am curious whats so different. I ask myself this morning a few questions, have I been sticking to healthy choices in food? the answer to that is yes, but I have not eaten soup (from a can) for a week at least, something to think about, but could soup really be the problem? dunno. Are you getting in all of your exercise? No I am not, I haven't really gone on a walk in the past 5 days or so but the weekend was very active and yesterday I was sore so did not go for a walk, could the lack of exercise be the culprit? maybe. How is my fluid intake? not as high as it has been through this whole thing, ok I will adjust. I feel like I am getting too comfortable and therefore getting cocky with the feeling that "I got this", and I think a whole lot of little things can become a big thing. Now I might be over reacting with the feeling that I am slacking a bit but at the same time I am up a pound where in the past I would be down three by this time in the week. so it must be adjusted.

With that out of the way the only thing that can be done is to keep on keepin on and thats the plan as it has been the plan from the beginning. I don't really like to dwell on the negative so I won't, as negativity breeds more of the same. when I first started this there was a determination in me that was unstoppable, now I am not saying that I am not unstoppable at this point in the game but some of the hardcore go get em attitude has dropped out of the line of sight I think. hence the fact that I am not exercising as I was in the beginning, and that has to change. when I started out I was doing maybe 100-150 push ups per day through out the day, I have honestly done maybe 30 this whole month. I could not be happier with my results thus far and don't plan on slowing down until I hit my goal, which is a long way off.

I rounded off the 106th day with 1305 calories total, so not bad at all. the over all feeling is a good one, but I know that I need to look at what I am doing as if its with the same eyes that was looking at it on Jan 1st, so I am going to go back and re read all of my old posts and see whats different from then until now, maybe if I hit it hard for the rest of the week I can make a dent in the poundage. I really want into the 440's! please don't read this post as negative, I am in a very up beat mood, just realizing that I may need to look at how I am doing things compared to how I was doing things. time for a shower and a walk so the post ends there, Thanks for following along and again the support is appreciated, so keep it coming!

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  1. I will say that you are not posting near as much exercise as you had in the very beginning with the bike being out and all. I don't know if this helps but I do believe you burn more calories riding the bike then by walking -- while I am NO expert I have taken more than enough college classes in nutrition and exercise to say that if you are not pushing yourself you won't lose weight for long.

    I am guilty of not pushing myself throughout the entire month of March and in the end the scale did reflect my lack of enthusiasm.
    Although I didn't quit I sure didn't PUSH myself either.

    I also don't think you are overreacting - if you can find and fix a problem early on it is much better than to wait until it is so overwhelming that you give up.

    You really are doing amazing - to become what you have become in this amount of time is truly miraculous. but don't let yourself be too comfortable yet!

    you need to push yourself don't get comfy yet - you are so close.

  2. I think it's a good thing to go back and examine to see if there are changes. I think probably that exercising has been pretty key and if you start upping that again the weight will start dropping more quickly again. I didn't take the post negatively, just contemplative and like I said, it's good to reexamine what you were doing vs. what you are doing. Keep it up:)

  3. I went to Holly's school of not being an expert, so I feel comfortable offering my advice. :) I wonder if you're getting *enough* calories. I had that problem when I was exercising quite a bit, and my metabolism stalled. I upped myself to average 1500 good calories a day and the weight started falling off.

    You're doing a great job, and I'm encouraged to read that you're still committed to doing the right things for yourself. You'll get there!

  4. I, too, feel like I have become a little to "cocky" with the weight loss lately, too, which has caused me to lose focus, motivation, and that hardcore "go get 'em" that you were talking about. The difference between you and I is that my recent slow-down with the weight loss is only refecting my crappy dieting. I've "cheated" more than not, and I've had days when I skipped the water-drinking thing completely! And you?? I can't see what you've been doing wrong that would cause a slow down in the weight-loss. No soup?? If that is causing it, I would be the most surprised I've ever been in my life! Wouldn't that be great if you found out that it was just the soup?! Haha!! I'm just gonna say that the slow-downs are gonna happen, just like the weeks where you lose way more than you expect to are gonna happen. Just give it some time, and keep investigating what the cause may be...but remember that you ARE doing great, even if the scale doesn't want to congratulate you this week. Scales can be stubborn - - spiteful, even...but you won't put up with that for long! Just don't you worry. You'll get it all figured out! :)

  5. I think every diet has a wall, certainly every one I've ever done, including Weight Watchers. But if the program is sound, all that matters is what I do about it - give up or keep on. It's a time just to check yourself and diaries like we keep help, nothing more. The wall does fall. Once it took me three weeks, but it did fall and that was many pounds ago.

    Keep it up!

  6. Like Cammy and Holly I wonder if you're eating enough?

    You've done an amazing job so far, just do some research to make sure you're on track for your body and activity level.