Sunday, April 27, 2008

A day at the park, 117 days in.

One hundred seventeen days into this journey to find the smaller me within me. Fridays intake went well ending with 1477 total calories for the day and then we move straight on to Saturday. it was a gloomy morning but it cleared up by noon and the sun was shining, we decided to go to the park with a friend of mine and his kids, so we met up at "my" park and played for a few hours, the playground was fun as usual and the kiddos were all getting along, a good time was had by all, but it was bitter sweet because I found out My buddy is moving to Missouri in July for his Job, He and I have been friends for as long as I can remember (which is since 1st grade) and hes more like a brother than a friend, I am very happy that he has a great opportunity to make a boat load of cash with this new job but at the same time it sucks that he will be moving away, I have been in CA for the past 8 years and now I move back home and he's leaving. it is what it is.

Mister peacock again.

We did walk around the Aviary again and I got a pretty decent picture of that peacock they have there, as the evening wound down a bit it had started getting a little windy and cooling way off so My friend packed up and left, he has a 6 month old that was not liking the wind. My wife and I decided to take a quick run over to one of the gardens and take a quick walk before the park closed and we found a fitness trail. it appears that you hike this trail and along the way there are different exercise stations set up for you to do a short workout as you reach each station. there were 20 stations and I did not do the exercise posted at any of them beyond just fooling around, I was just there to check out the trail. There was one part of the trail that was fairly steep so I made the decision to see if I could just truck on up the whole incline and judge how I was doing as far as my workouts have been going. I broke away from wify and the kids and just went for it, totally expecting to be 100% winded when I reached the top, IF I reached the top. a bit to my surprise I reached the top of the incline and besides the fact that I could feel my legs a bit I was not winded at all really. I was breathing a bit heavy but not out of breath by any means, and could have went much further (judging on how I felt) before worrying about getting winded. I was pleasantly surprised that I made it to the top and had more left in me, I have made progress! you can click the photo of the course to see it full sized.

One of the gardens at the park. click for a full size view.

Then there was Bob's, I have been needing to get a new pair of kicks to walk in as the Adidas just were not doing the job without causing me frustration. since we were out, not far from a Bob's store and with Gas prices reaching $3.75 per gallon over the weekend, we decided to go check out what Bob's had in a size 14. Usually I go into a store and find what I want and then its time to find someone that works there to order me a size 14, so I was fully expecting this to be a trip to "look" at some sneakers. to my surprise there was a huge supply of size 14's there, I even found a pair of 15's. My son was running through the isles grabbing every pair of size 14 running shoes that he could find and bringing them to me, it was kind f funny. for the past I don't even know how many years I wore nothing but Shell toed Adidas, I like plain sneakers, most of the sneakers that are out today look like either a 13 year old designed them or like space shoes. Plain white....Can I have it? so.. after deciding that I was not going to get a pair of plain white running shoes I found a pair that is mainly white with some blue and gray on them I believe they were New balance, then a pair of Reebok's that were almost all white but had blue stripes on them, and finally a pair of Saucony's which were white blue and silver/gray, they all fit ok but the Saucony brand shoes felt like they weighed nothing so I went with them even though I have never heard of the brand, I hope they turn out to be high quality. we had a $10 off coupon for anything over $10 so I got the shoes for $39.99, not too bad. I will report later whether they held up or not.
All in all it was a good day, and its about Noon now on Sunday, its a bit cooler out today but were heading out to the yard to play catch for a while. Thanks for reading my long winded post, hope everyone else is having a good weekend as well.

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  1. Good for you for getting some new treads!! :) That's cool that you didn't have to order some! :)
    Man, that park you have looks so nice!! I'm jealous. That fitness trail looks pretty hardcore. Are you gonna start working on it?? Getting up that hill without being totally exhausted is awesome! Any distance at an incline is enough to wear me out. I'd love to see how far I'd get before I lost my breath....
    Great job with the calories! You're sticking with it, just like I expected, and I know you'll continue to stay on track and do GREAT!!

  2. Oh, and about your buddy moving to Missouri....
    I've dealt with my best friend moving away time after time, but somehow she always ends up back here! At least now, you'll have a great reason to travel south....and perhaps you could plan a trip to visit him, and swing on down to 'ole Arkansas while you're at it and say "hi" to US!! :)
    That does suck, though. :(
    Thank goodness for email, though. I've got friends that were good friends that only moved 100 miles away, and I've not seen them in years. We keep in contact via email and telephone. So, maybe you could just imagine how you may not see him that much less often now than you did before anyway. That's how it is for me, at least, and my friends who all move away.

  3. That trail looks awesome! I wish we had something like that around here. Good job on going for it and not being totally winded and able to make it all the way up the incline. That definitely shows your health and fitness level is improving which is the real purpose behind losing weight anyway. Congrats!

    Saucony are amazing shoes! They always win the 'best of' awards for walking and running shoes, so kudos on your good choice. My walking shoes are Saucony's too :)

    Bummer about your buddy moving :(

  4. I was just looking at my walking shoes and yours and they are damn near the same shoe, lol! The part on yours that is blue is silver on mine and the part that is silver on yours is metallic green on mine! Other than that...same!