Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 93

It was a day of much fruit and even more soup. I came in under calories for the day but I expected that because of the not feeling well, I woke up today (Thurs) and my throat is killing me, meh and it is beautiful outside, a perfect day for a walk, maybe I will go even though I am under the weather, that will be decided later.

A random picture I have been messing with in PSP, I thought I would plop it up here just for fun

Common sense dictates my decisions as of late where this new way of life is concerned. Yesterday I was reflecting on how I use to eat vs how I now eat, I use to eat a huge breakfast of whatever was closest and tastiest be it a huge bowl of cereal and what was left in the 2 liter of coke in the fridge or a couple pork chops from the night before dinner, and now most mornings I have a banana with peanut butter on it, or a couple of english muffins with tomato slices on them. now I am not saying that every morning I would eat like that, But there were mornings that it happened. then onto lunch then it would be a can of tuna and 4 or 5 slices of bread and enough Mayo to stop the blood from flowing to a Moose's heart, a 32 oz glass of whole milk and a couple handfuls of whatever potato chips happened to be in the kitchen, and now, on most day I eat a can of soup or that same can of tuna except I use 1 tbsp of Miracle whip and only 2 slices of bread and its whole wheat most times. Dinner would be 2 big pork chops, or 2 chicken breasts, or 3 thighs and it was all fried, a lot of times it was battered in bread crumbs and fried! mashed potatoes with a ton of butter on them went along for the ride and a veggie, let us not forget another 32 oz glass of whole milk. Now I eat a 4-6 oz portion of whatever meat we are having, and that is broiled most times, baked others, and 1 serving of white rice that is seasoned and a veggie, and the drink is either green tea or water. lets not forget all of the snacking that went on in between all of the meals, from cookies, to pretzels, right on up to anything that was there. when I compare the 2 styles of eating there is no wonder how I blew up to where I was when I began this in January. the thing about it is this, when I was working a manual labor job and basically busting my ass every day for 9-10 hours a day and lifting weights on top of that, eating like that didn't have the same effect as it did on a body that did not work as hard as it use to, and the problem was that I did not see that, I believe I was in denial for a long time that I was injured and basically not the same person that I was years earlier. I see said the blind man, and the rest is history and here we are.

Now that I got that off my chest.....onto the menu for day 93.


8:30 AM
1 tbsp honey with green tea 60

9:00 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

11:00 AM
1 dannon lite yogurt 60

2:30 PM
1 can progresso soup 120
1 cup white rice 200

6:00 PM
2 cups dads chicken soup 350
3/4 cups white rice 150

8:00 PM
sugar free jello/fat free cool whip 60

8:30 PM
1 orange 85

Grand total of 1285 calories for the day, came in a little low and it was all soup or fruit, which I guess in not really bad but its all that I was able to eat without feeling worse than I already do because of whatever I have atm. my throat is killing me today but the warm green tea with honey seems to help so I have an excuse to drink gallons of it today ;)

As Ever


  1. I've been noticing that even just since January your food choices just keep getting better :) You are really doing a terrific thing for yourself, your children and your wife.

    My hubby just switched careers from one where he was active all day long (UPS delivery driver) to one where he sits all day (airline pilot) and he said he is really having to watch what he eats because he gained 5 lbs. the first 2 weeks he was in training. He would also go to the gym every morning before work and he hasn't been able to do that since he's been in training. He figures he'll be able to start working out again once he's stationed in Chicago and has a little more free time than he does right now in training.

    Hopefully you'll feel much better as the day goes on or at least by tomorrow. Have a great one :)

  2. It is amazing, the changes you've made since the beginning of the year. I've made those same changes, so I know just how you feel. I know that my weight had already started to go up by my 2nd year in college, but I think my weight gain most closely relates to the way I began being interested in baking. I literally baked something different probably 5 or 6 times a week. Pie on Monday, cookies on Tuesday, brownies on Wednesday, leftovers on Thursday and Friday, fancy cake on Saturday, and muffins of some sort on Sunday. We did that for years. I don't miss that stuff now, since I know how much it affected my weight - and hense, my happiness/self-image. So, sure...we all love fried chicken or pork chops, too much mayo with our tuna, chips, cookies.....but it is just not worth it anymore is it. :) I don't think so, and I'm sure you agree with me on that one. Losing weight is so worth missing out on the junk food...becasue there is a whole other realm of good food that IS NOT junk food that we're just scratching the surface of. I cooked most nights for years. It was starting to lose it's luster. No real challenge anymore behind frying up some pork chops and baking some brownies...but now, I'm getting to learn a whole new way of eating...and it's been pretty fun, actually. I think I'll be a great "low-cal" cook one of these days!! Practice, practice, practice.
    Doing great. Keep it up...I know you will.

    oh, and get well soon. :)

  3. I just wanted to say that I hope you start feeling better soon.

  4. hey Tony! Can you tell me, the PSP pic- did you make it? I really liked it. Like to know more.....