Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 92 Down with the sickness

Ok, the calories for yesterday are not correct, I did not have the can of pepsi, the 2 cadbury eggs and it was only 1 lean pocket, total calories for April fools day was 1335 not 2195 ;) just bein silly with that. anyways now that were all on the same page, I am sick! Bah! my son was sick over the weekend, Friday to be exact, then on Sunday my daughter started showing signs of being sick, and Monday wifys turn, and yesterday I felt it coming on, woke up this morning I have a sore throat and just feel all around Yuck. I will be drinking my green tea hot today, and I will be using honey, I am going to try and keep the calories for the honey within my limits but it may turn out that I don't count it all because of the amount of tea I drink on a daily basis (which is at the least 1 gallon, going up to five quarts), we shall see how it goes. hmmm I wonder how many calories Brandy has in it ;)

The calories for the ninety second day came in low at 1255, mostly because I wasn't feeling well at the end of the night and just didn't feel like eating anything. hopefully that doesn't happen for today (Wednesday) this is the first time that I have been sick since starting this new way of living, and I mean actually sick, there have been days I didn't feel so good but this one I hope it doesn't affect the weight heading in a downward direction.

Today is looks like a beautiful day outside through the window, but the wind is gusting pretty hard, the guy in the plastic box says 40mph at times, if I were not feeling sick I would go for a walk today despite the wind, but being under the weather (no pun intended) it doesn't seem like a smart idea to go out for a walk in gusty weather. I am making chicken soup today so hopefully that will help with this scratchy throat, cough etc. the house will smell great in a few hours and I will be sipping soup by 5pm ;) here is the menu for day 92.


9:15 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

12:30 PM
3 hebrew national hotdog 135
3 slices whole wheat bread 210
relish 25

3:15 PM
1 orange 85

6:00 PM
2 Gorton fish fillets 340
3/4 cup white rice 150
1 cup canned carrots 60
1 pat butter 35
ketchup 15

Grand total of 1255 calories for the first day of the fourth month, the intake was lower than it should have been but as I said I feel like crap and don't feel much like eating anything. to everyone that has been supportive and has taken the time to read my blog and offer support you have many thanks.

As Ever


  1. Aww...I'm sorry you're sick. And the rest of your family, too?! That sucks. That's how it usually is around here. Last week, Macy was sick, but thank goodness that the rest of us didn't catch it (knock on wood!).
    Get lots of rest today. You're probably not getting enough sleep, and so you should try to catch up on that. There's nothing better than sleep to cure a cold. Enjoy that chicken soup this evening. That sounds just like something that would be good on a cool, brisk day when you're sick. That and some warm yeasty bread. Mmmm..

  2. Sorry to hear you're not feeling that great. I hate being sick. Hopefully it'll just be a quickie bug.

    I couldn't actually believe it when I saw 'Pepsi' on your list for yesterday, lol, glad it was just a joke! :)

  3. :--( Feel better!!!! Tomorrow is suppose to be gorgeous, so get out a lawn chair, if you still feel icky, and absorb some sunshine.

  4. I hope you all feel better at your house -- what a crappy time to get sick!

    they say garlic is what helps the chicken soup heal -- i usually just a bunch of raw garlic to get over whatever bothers me. its punishment for the whole family!!