Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 104 and a nice long weekend.

The search planes went out Sunday evening and they saw me sitting on a beach talking to a Volley ball, I waved them off but they came and got me anyways, I am back on the blog, I missed this whole weekend of posting because it was too nice out all weekend to be inside at my Lap top. it started out as any other weekend might have and then I looked at my thermometer which said 60 degrees, I thought to myself wow thats warm for 8:00 am so I opened the door and wow was it gorgeous outside, Saturday ended up being in the 70's and we went to a park near my house, we bought lunch (Subway) and headed on over, we took a walk out on the small pier that shoots out into the center of this small lake and hung out on the end for a while just taking in the day and getting a light sun burn, we fed the geese that were swimming around I spotted a Bass swimming around that had to be more than a foot and a half long, and I saved a turtle that was stuck on some branches, we ended up taking a walk through the woods on a partially paved path, all in all Saturday was a good day that ended up with kicking a soccer ball around the back yard with the kiddos. I did go over calories on Saturday by about 100, the day ended up at 1605 total calories. it was quite a relaxing day if not a little busy early on with some chores.

Saturday felt just about how this picture looks, click the pic for a full size view.

Then there was Sunday, it was a bit colder and very windy, still nice, we decided to hang around the house and the yard for the day, we ended up kicking the ball around the yard again and just fooling around all day. another nice day, I over all feel great and this weekend showed me some of what I have been missing because of my weight for the past few years. being able to go for walks again without getting winded or having my back scream at me the entire time is something that would have been taken for Granted in the not so distant past, pre me at 500 + pounds. Saturday I remembered just how much I enjoy walking through the woods or just plain old walking around and not having my back or breath as my main concern. the weight that I have dropped so far has made a huge difference in my quality of life and nothing or no one can say different. The world is seen through different eyes when you are 500+ pounds and I know that view all too well, and I am not looking back. I believe that its a feeling that can only be fully understood if the shoes have been on your own feet, even I did not see that there was such a difference until recently. I will put Sundays menu up now it was not a great day but I did come in under calories.


10:30 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

1:00 PM
1 can tuna 150
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
1oz vermont sharp white cheddar 110
5 whole wheat ritz crackers 70
1 pat butter 35

6:15 PM
2 gortons fish fillets 340
5oz home made french fries 125
1 cup green beans 40

8:30 PM
strawberry zone perfect bar 200

Grand total of 1445 calories for the day, but they were not as spread out as I would have liked so I consider it a not so good day. my weight has not gone lower than Fridays weigh in, in fact I am up a pound, which is odd since I ate ok and got in lots of movement this weekend, I am not worried about it because it usually works itself out by Tuesday of so, as long as I am down on Friday thats all that I worry about, the day to day fluctuations don't get to me any more. Thank You for reading and following along with my little piece of the world. it is appreciated.

As Ever


  1. great post- I was thrilled to see the gorgeous weather as well. We really needed it. Looks like this week is going to be fairly nice, so get out there and enjoy it!!

  2. Great weather is always a spirit-booster, isn't it?? I feel so refreshed when we get weather like that! :)
    Glad to hear you were able to enjoy it, and discovered some more reasons why losing the weight is worth all the effort! You're really starting to see the differences in yourself, and just think: It is only going to get better!!
    So, keep up the great work, as I know you will....and here's to a great week!! :D

  3. I just can't get over the difference in temps between your world and mine :) we are having cooler days this week the highs are about 75 next week it should be normal again and be in the mid to upper 80's. It must just be beautiful we you are from.

    Just a passing though:
    My uncle lives in MD and he has sparkley dirt... do you all have sparkley dirt where you are at? That was just the darn coolest thing. The dirt here is sorta like clay where I am at. not very good for digging.

    I am glad you and your family got to enjoy being outside it sure sounded fun --- wear sunscreen to avoid wrinkles and burns :)

  4. I just took notice of your weight loss chart; you're doing amazingly well.

    The kids are going to appreciate your weight loss as much as you do, if not more. Getting healthy for them is the best present they could ever receive :-)

  5. Hey buddy! I'm back from my weekend away & have just caught up on all the posts I missed while I was gone. I'm so glad you got to spend so much time outdoors. That's the best part of Arizonas' winter and worst part of its' summer. Great job on the 2 lb loss at your last weigh-in.

  6. I forgot to add that you're a hero, saving a poor little stuck turtle. Good job :)