Thursday, April 17, 2008

Would an average row boat support her without capsizing, Day 107

The thermometer in my back yard says 74 degrees right now, the sun is out and it could not be a more beautiful day. The children and me have been playing all day and we just got back from a 1.7 mile walk around the neighborhood, one thing that I learned today? Man do I need a new pair of sneakers, the shell toed Adidas jut aren't cutting it right now. if not for the sneaker issue I believe I could do 2 miles per day right now no problem. I am working myself up to 3 miles per day walking and the nice weather is making it easier to go do it, though I almost didn't go today until I read a blog or two and decided it was dumb not to go and there really was no reason. I feel good after a nice walk, and listening to my daughter point out every minute detail within things that I would never have noticed. from sticks to cats hiding in bushes right on up to every single airplane and bird that passes by, "look dad a baby!" as a mom with a stroller walks past us I have to admit I do enjoy the walks a lot more than I would have 4 months ago.

while looking around I found some shoes that peak my curiosity, a company called Vibram makes them and well, I will let the photo speak for its self, if you knew me personally you would understand why these make so much sense for me. lets just say that I can pick up a tennis ball with my toes, also I can pick dimes up off of the floor with my bare feet. I rarely have something on my feet if I am in doors or in the yard, me and bare feet are like coffee and donuts. I am seriously considering getting myself a pair of these Vibram FiveFingers Sprints to wear.

My intake for the day only came in at 1280 calories, I have been picking up fresh sweet potatoes and seasoning them and making french fries out of them a lot lately, I am hooked! calories are not high, they are filling and sweet potato just happen to be one of my favorite foods so its a win win. I do know that I have been slacking on water/tea the past few days and this may be why my weight is not moving this week, I have corrected it for today and have already drank more than a gallon of water and its about 2:00 pm right now, so I am on track for today. I look forward to the park this weekend, if we do in fact end up going I will bring the digital camera and post up a few pics as it really is a nice park. that shall end this episode of my little story, everyone that is following along, again I thank you, and keep on keepin yourselves and it has to happen for you.

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  1. Yay...sweet potato fries! I told you they were good :) I'm so super stoked that you tried them. I'm also super stoked that you went for a walk! I'm so proud of you, and I bet your little one had a blast. One of my goals every walk is to notice and appreciate nature...sounds stupid but it really takes my mind somewhere else so I don't notice that I'm exercising, plus it makes me feel like a good person...I'm weird, I know. Have a good one...the shoes rock! My 11 year old would love them.

  2. Those shoes crack me up!!!!!! I hope you get them! I be the first to see a picture of you modeling them!! Haha!!
    Great job on the walk today....just get out there and get it done, right?? Appreciating nature...that is definitely something that having a little one with you can help you do. Children notice so many things that our grown-up minds just don't think to appreciate anymore. It's nice to think about how much enjoyment "going on a walk with daddy" probably brings your little ones. Make it something you do often, and they'll make it a "fond memory" that they'll always think about. :)

  3. I have a friend who has those shoes and she swears by them!! Wears them everywhere!!!

    Good luck with them!

  4. great Office reference. searched for Mr. Scott's priceless quote and got here.

  5. I've never seen shoes like that before. My dad has some pretty flexible toes too, he can pick up things like oranges and tennis balls. My toes are too short, but I could hold a golf ball maybe. :)