Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 100

The days keep piling on and the weight keeps falling off, I have reached triple digit days, the day I reach triple digit weight loss will be a great day for me. things are going ok but this week the weight loss has been very little to none. lately when I wake up I feel heavy, ok ok so I AM heavy, no surprise there right? but really, I don't know how to explain it other than I feel heavy. I wake up and walk down stairs and it just feels like I am somehow being pulled down the stairs, like gravity has increased for me or something. theres nothing going on with gravity that I should know about is there?

I have not had any of my Arizona green tea for a couple days so I have been brewing everything that I have been drinking, I have been alternating between the gunpowder tea and the tea bags that I have, the gunpowder tastes best to me and I brew it in a stainless steel tea ball that we picked up a while back, I am actually looking into getting a green tea plant, something interesting that I have found out while exploring this idea is that Green tea, Black tea , and Oolong tea is all made from the same plant, which is a shrub called Camellia sinensis, the difference in the teas is the way the leaves are processed, to make green tea the leaves are steamed an then dried, and to make black tea the leaves are bruised fermented than dried and Oolong is somewhere in between that. It seems like a cool Idea to me since I drink so much to raise a plant and see if I can make some tea myself. If this idea materializes I will be sure to post some pics of the plant.

My calories for day 100 ended up at 1385 for the day, ending with some Green jello around 8:00pm, we have been making sugar free jello every day since I found out that my daughter loves to help make it. she mixes it, she pours the cold water into the bowl and then picks a spot in the fridge for it and reminds us that its in there after dinner each night. Intake is average and I am not varying from my path at all. weigh in day is upon us once again tomorrow and I am not expecting a big drop as I have been checking in all week and my weight has not moved in either direction for the most part, its slightly down but not a whole lot at all. I think its because I was sick lat week and had that 8 lb drop so this week is catching up. either way it is what it is and will be the number reported on tomorrows post, no worries, I have come to the realization that this is not a race nor is it a competition, I am in this all by my onesome just like each and every one of us is. the support helps and is likely a huge factor in the success but when it comes down to it at the end of the day when the lights are out, its just you by yourself and doing whats right for your body to create the masterpiece that is you.

As Ever


  1. while I am NO expert I do love to read. From what I have read up on my own problems I would wonder (from what you are describing about feeling heavy) if you are losing muscle mass. maybe it is nothing and it will pass BUT if you are losing muscle then your metabolism will slow down.

    while I would love to know my true body fat percentage there is no way in hell I would do a fat percentage test where I have to get into a bathing/birthday suit and be dunked in a tub. I would expect that an easier way of telling is to do something that you usually can do with ease. For me I can tell if I am losing muscle because my three year old has been the same weight for a year or so now and if I feel that I cannot pick him up easily
    problem then I know I have not been exercising enough. Protein is never an issue with me because of the Atkins diet. Protein may be an issue with you -- I would read up on bodybuilding forums or pages because those guys know a lot about muscle issues.

  2. I think I know what you mean about the "heavy" feeling. Seriously. And, I can't explain it either....

    Hmm....something to think about.....

    Anyway, the 8 pound loss last week was SO amazing, that honestly I'm surprised that some of it hasn't come back....since you were sick and all last week...
    So, for you to lose ANY this week, will be a great feat!! I'm not looking forward to "weigh-in" day, maybe it's just a bad week to lose weight. :(

  3. I have definitely also had 'heavy' feeling days. That's why I never check the scale until weigh-in morning. I think I might drive myself nuts. I have had problems with not eating...well, in addition to eating too much, lol. But for me I have to agree 100% that it's just you doing this. I love the support also, it helps bundles, but at the end of the day when the jar of peanut butter is staring you in the face it's only you that can make the decision. I am super proud of how terrific you are doing! Keep it up :)

  4. tony, I agree with Robyn. your body is recovering from being sick last week. It could be that readjustment that gives you the heavy feeling. You are staying true to your eating, so it just may be a balancing of last weeks big loss. Do we here in CT have the right climate to grow tea? if so, thats a really great idea.