Friday, April 11, 2008

101 days into this now

I knew the loss would not be big this week but I am happy because there was a loss, I weighed in at 454 lbs this morning, which is a two pound loss for the week, coming off of an 8 lb loss from last week and being sick I call 2 lbs great. yesterday I was 453 in the morning but I know I was a bit dehydrated at that point so I drank more than usual yesterday which is probably contributing to todays weigh in, but the scale said 454 so thats what it gets recorded at. two more pounds that is not on my body is good news to me.

This Zo6 Corvette engine weighs in at 454 pounds

On a side note, I wanted to mention that I think I have the most annoying, rude, intrusive, and downright bad neighbors in the state. last year when we moved into this place I noticed that they were a little less than refined, which is fine, to each their own. the problem is that we share a back yard, its a small enough yard that children playing would have a hard time avoiding one another if both sets wanted to play a different ball game, so sharing is not a problem, BUT these kids are just wild, and I mean wild in the way that last night we went outside in the yard because it was just downright gorgeous out, and my kids were kicking a ball around and playing nicely together as I played with my car for a minute, the neighbors kids started trickling out one by one First the little girl comes out, she is about 5 years old and the wildest of the bunch, she immediately walked up and started screaming that the ball my kids were playing with was hers, and I mean uncontrolled screaming and acting like someone just twisted her arm up behind her back or something, I step in and tell her that its My sons ball but if she wants to play too that she can, she starts screaming bloody murder again that its her ball, bleh whatever kid. then out comes the smallest of the three, he is less than 3 years old but more than 2 and a half and is the most tolerable of the kids. he starts playing with the ball with my daughter which went ok besides that he kept taking the ball and running with it so that she could not get it, no worries hes only 2 and a half right? so I just get another ball to avoid an argument with a 2 year old. then out comes the 8 year old, now he is not as big a problem and usually plays good with my son unless his 5 year old sister is out there (which she was) and he begins to take over the entire yard with his kicking the ball as hard as he can towards the 2 youngest kids, my daughter and his brother, so I put a stop to that, not so bad you say right? but I haven't got to the wild parts yet, before the night was over the 5 year old had pretty much screamed for no reason for 30 minutes, real relaxing right? she had thrown some coffee mugs against the house and shattered them, and had to be asked to stop hitting my son repeatedly, the 8 year old? he all but tore the swingset out of the ground, it was almost flipped onto my son at one point and he beat up his sister (the 5 year old) almost the whole time we were outside and kept kicking the ball into the other neighbors yard and would not stop with his just plain old being annoying, the 2 and a half year old? well hes too young to complain about and its not his fault anyways look what hes working with, now where were the parents you ask? I have no clue, I can assume they were in the house while their kids just went wild and tore up the yard and broke cups against the back of the house. its going to be a long summer I think. sorry for the rant ;)

My intake for the day went well and I came in at 1235 calories for the day, a bit under I know, but with the heavy dinner of turkey burgers and weigh in day today I figured I was cool for food. over all I am happy with the 2 pound drop for today, the way I see it is a loss is a loss is a loss. with the week I had last week I wouldn't have been surprised to have seen a gain for this week. I have been reading up on a few things and plan on posting some of it up so look for that. Thanks for following along and I hope anyone weighing in today has good results.

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  1. great job on the loss, tony. Keep it going. You're really doing a great job. About the next door kids- YIKES!
    seems they let you supervise all of them. swell.....
    That 5 yr old neighbor needs a spanking- a strategical one, as I'm really not into the spanking thing. But she thinks the world revolves around her. You said the park isnt too far away, right? lol
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I know I burned some calories chasing the little ones around making sure a ball doesn't hit their heads. It was real cute watching the 2 year olds chasing eachother for the ball. They were laughing the whole time. So I just tuned the older kids out and supervised the little ones. But a swing almost whacked my daughter, and it wasn't as relaxing as it should have been. I think the park and my mom's house is going to be the choice of outside play time this summer. It's a bummer though to have a back yard and not get to enjoy it.

    Congrats babe on the loss. It's been a long week, and we made it through. I'm up a pound, but I did not count calories, I did not eat right all the time, and I did not drink all my water each day. I'll get back on track this week and we'll keep shedding the pounds.

    Love ya,


  3. Yeah Sandy I agree, but the problem is their parents just don't care :( last year the little girl swatted at my daughter and hit her on the arm, it was not hard but my daughter was upset. I told the parents and they did bring her inside the house but then they didn't speak to us for like 7 months lol fine by me! ;) and it looks like the spring is off to a not so smooth start is all :(

    and yeah honey the little ones seemed to have a good time :) and yeah its been a rough week, all we can do is go forward right? and you know I am there for you so no need for me to get all sappy on the blog ;).

  4. wow backyard sharing...we don't do that around these parts :) fences lots of fences! I am so sorry for you. BUT on the brighter side your down dos libras! congratulations

  5. guys should invest in a privacy fence...if only on that one side of your yard!! That would totally suck, and I'm sorry you didn't have a nice relaxing evening outside to enjoy the awesome weather....

    Congrats on your loss!! Like I said in my blog a minute ago: You almost have to just be glad that your previous week's loss "stuck" - and hope for another big one next week! It's like, you can't have big losses every week, so every other week should be sufficient!! And, let's not forget that 8 pounds last week and 2 pounds this week....that's 10 pounds in 2 weeks!! Wow!! That's awesome!!

    I know how you feel about doing not so great this past's easy to slack off sometimes, isn't it?? And, it's perfectly FINE to slack off occasionally, if you ask me....because you know you will get right back on track and keep losing next week. :) That's my story, at least, and I'm stickin' to it! :)

  6. Congrats on the loss, 2lbs is a good loss!

    And I hear you on the kids, we have some annoying little terrors in our neighboorhood.