Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 109 A day at the park.

Day 109 was a good day, My father came visit unexpectedly so we decided to go to the park for the day, ahhhh finally I got to go to MY park lol. we played horse shoes for about 15 mins (my fathers Idea) that didn't last long before my father and I went walking aimlessly through the woods looking for Rabbits while wify and the kids kicked a ball around a little pavilion that was close to the horse shoe pits. no rabbits by the way, not yet at least. I did snap some pictures as we walked around the wetlands bird sanctuary, we ended up walking for about an hour and a half, starting at an Aviary thats near a playground where the kiddos were playing for a while. I am on my way out the door because its a beautiful day yet again, but I wanted to get a couple pics up before I left for the day. you can click the pictures for a larger view, hope you enjoy.

Here is a picture of the sun setting through the dried Bullrush and some trees, this is my favorite picture from the day so I posted it first.

A weird rooster at the Aviary, I don't recall what it was called exactly but cool looking none the less

The above and below ppictires are of some sort of pheasant if I remember correctly, the colors in the pictures do the bird no justice, they were extremely bright in color

This Emu just did not want to hold still for a photo, it took me at least 20 tries to get this one. he was as tall as I was.

This peacock was posing for the Camera nicely, I have about 15 photos of him, honestly he would not put his tail feathers up, that is until this little boy started shaking the enclosure he was in, then the tail went up and stayed that way for 10 minutes.

Just a little stream we walked past while hiking around the wetlands.

While the sun was setting it was lighting up the willow trees beautifully.

Another willow at sunset.

I just thought this picture came out cool, my father was making fun of the name on this tree, we have a good picture of him flamboyantly standing in front of it as well.

The sun setting through the trees from the wetlands.

Another of the sun setting through some willow trees.

Took this pic of a statue standing at the entrance to one of the gardens on my way out of the park, this was actually shot from inside the car.

That was my Friday in a nutshell, the intake was on par and a great time was had by all, we walked around a trail in the wetlands where its half a raised deck that winds through the swampy area and half of it is a trail that leads through the woods, we did see a Rabbit through the brush while in the wetlands but because of all of the brush the photos did not come out well, the rabbit does not show up in the pics. were headed out to Mom in laws to cook chicken on her grill so this shall end here, I hope you enjoy the pics, I have at least 90 pics total :) maybe I will post more later. Thanks for reading.

As Ever


  1. Sounds like it was a very relaxing but fun day! The pics are gorgeous, although I'm petrified of birds, lol! I do love the peacock shot though, wow, so beautiful! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Great pictures! And I love the new site design.
    [I haven't been able to pop around for a while, and this is the first I've seen of it. Very nice.]

  3. you have a gem of park out there -- glad you all got to go. and it is super cute that you and your dad still do stuff like that together.

    you have a great family!

  4. andeely, relaxing and fun just about sums it up! I just love that park, theres so much to do there, we spent 4 hours there and only did 2 things, we will have to go back and do more this week :)

    Sherry, Thanks for the complements on the new look :) "pop around" more often ;)

    Holly, a gem of a park is right! and yeah me and my pops get along well :) hes just like me. or am I like him ;P either way lol

    As Ever

  5. Great pics! Looks like a very nice place! That emu pic cracked me up! What a cute face! I love willow trees....I wish I had one in my yard. Glad to hear you had a great day at the park with your family. :)