Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Questions answered and a little fun.

Since starting this blog I have made lots of "blog friends" and sometimes within the comments there are a few questions and in the emails I get lots of questions and with the emails I try and respond to every single one of them but the comments sometimes slip trough the cracks so I thought it would be fun to answer a few of the comment questions and some of the more common questions that I get asked, so here goes.

1.) Stages of change asked,

"I'm interested in why you started the green tea thing, and admitting my naivety about the topic, what is the benefit of it, why do it, etc?"

When I started this losing weight gig I was literally scouring the net and some health books that I have for information on common sense weight loss and I came across a page where a study was done on some men in Japan, some who drank 32 oz of green tea per day and some who did not and the study showed that the men who drank the green tea extract lost more weight (5.3 pounds vs. 2.9 pounds) and experienced a significantly greater decrease in BMI, waist size, and total body fat in a 3 month period, since I already loved green tea it became part of my routine. Then there is this "green tea is particularly rich in a type of polyphenols called catechins. These substances have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, but recent research in animals show that catechins may also affect body fat accumulation and cholesterol levels" quoted from the article. more answers and reasons are in This post that I wrote a while back.

2.) Linda asked

"What is your special concoction with the green tea?"

I brew my own green tea as most who read this blog know and my "special concoction" isn't really special at all, I take an empty gallon bottle from an Arizona green tea and I fill it with cold water, I then place 2 Arizona green tea bags into the bottle with 1 generic bag of green tea that was bought from a Chinese market along with 2 black tea bags, so 5 tea bags in one gallon of water. I do this before I go to bed and its done when I wake up, I make 2 gallons at a time so there is usually a couple of gallons of tea sitting on my kitchen table. I also drink whats called gunpowder tea when I want hot green tea, cold tea is sweetened with splenda and a squirt or squeeze of some lime juice in and the hot tea is either drank plain or with very little splenda.

3.) This is a question that I get in many of the emails that I get. "Do you celebrate mini goals or give yourself rewards? and how?"

Easy answer to that one, No I do not. when I started the blog I said when I get to goal that I will buy myself a motorcycle (that is still the plan) but I have honestly not really given myself a reward for getting healthy, the reward is living life to the fullest.

4.) Mizfit asked

"did you NOT wanna dance around the restaurant and sing IM IN A BOOOOTH IM IN A BOOOOOOTH. or would that just be me?"

This question was in response to This post, where I sat in a booth for the first time in years and the answer is yes! I know that I was grinning ear to ear and I just kept looking down at the room between my gut and the tables edge, I stayed composed but I may have been singing that in my head.

5.) Thecoolestsarah asked

"How much has your wife lost?"

This post prompted that question, and my wife started on the same date that I did Jan 1st 2008, she started on the 2nd actually when she saw that I was serious this time. She has lost 65 pounds in that time but the last couple months she has just been maintaining the weight loss from 2008 and doing a good job because she has not gone up more than the few pounds that comes off the following week.

6.) Which brings me to a response to the picture in This post from Tomato "Dude, you so rock!!!!! And where would you like us to send marriage proposals?"

Comments like these always make me smile, and do wonders for a guys self image you can send the proposals to.... oh wait, no I am married! and I love her with all of everything that I have in my heart, but seriously send them to... (I'm going to get smacked if I keep that up!)

7.) Another common question from emails, "Do you track fat/carbs/protein etc? how many calories per day do you eat?"

I do not track anything but my calories, I did track those other things for a couple months a while back and there was no benefit other than knowing the figures so I don't track them any more, and I aim for 1700 calories per day, a little less is common and if I go over slightly I don 't worry about it at all but this is a number that will need to be adjusted as weight comes off and when I start lifting weights again will likely need to be heavier on the protein but thats for another day.

8.) Another common question from blog comments as well as Emails is "Where are you from I know that you mention CT but what part?"

The most I will say about my exact location (especially in a public place on the net) is that I am in CT.

9.) Mizfit asked

"would your wife ever consider doing a guest post here?"

Yes, and she has Here, I believe she has done another one but I can't seem to find it right now, in fact we are working on a post together as of last week so look for that one soon too. Many times I get an idea for a post from something wify has said to me the day before so many times there are little pieces of her in my posts.

10.) Fatty Mc fat-fat asked

"what no challenge this week? It is Friday right? :)"

Ahhh yes the challenges that I sometimes do on Fridays, I usually pop a challenge up when either a.) I had an extraordinary week and feel like a freight train, or b.) need a kick in the ass to get moving again, or c.) I am just looking for some punishment for the weekend. I think its a great way to interact with the people that read my blog and see who is paying attention and EVERY time I post a challenge You guys show me that You ARE paying attention and make this large fellow move his arse! so thanks for that!

I hope I have answered some of the questions that some of you may have had, or were curious about and remember I don't mind them! in fact they help me to keep in line lots of the time, and I also wanted to mention that yesterday (Monday) the intake was 1700 calories on the nose and I did not get a ride in on my bike so no movement was had yesterday, I usually take a day or two off per week so I am right on track. Thank you for reading along and don't forget that big glass of H2O that ya just earned by reading my jibber jabber. You know the time, You know the place so see ya tomorrow!

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  1. That was rather interesting. I think I'm going to have to start drinking green tea again. :)

  2. Ive always been a black tea guy. But I will give your green tea a try. Sounds like the added benefits from green tea are too much to let pass by.

  3. Wow, that was a lot of info! Your progress is astounding and your commitment is awesome. I love reading your messages.