Saturday, January 24, 2009

Zeusmeatball will be out of the office..

I wanted to get a post up before I ran out because I don't know when I shall return from a busy day of errands. Last night I was, well...naughty where the intake is concerned Wify and I had a chance to go out on a "date" because my Mother in law agreed to watch the kiddos for us so we decided to go to a local steak house. I told my wife that I was not on a diet for our date and was just going to enjoy whatever struck my fancy on the menu and well here is how it went. when we are being seated and walking towards (get ready for this) a booth! I shoot my wife that look that says "oh boy here we go we did not specify a table when we made reservations did we" but I slid right in no problems and that is the first time I ate in a booth at a restaurant in YEARS or should I say first time that I FIT in a booth! The waiter comes over and asks us what we would like to drink and I asked if he had unsweetened tea "yes" cool do you have splenda? "we have sweet and low?" ok give me a cherry coke (see I told ya naughty) we ordered an appetizer of mushrooms stuffed with crab meat which had too much celery in it but was decent. I ordered a NY strip steak with a baked potato on the side with sour cream and butter (the real kind! so naughty again) which came with a green salad also, the steak was maybe the second best steak that I have ever had, and I don't know if its just because I haven't had one in a while or if it really was that good but man was it! Now here comes the kicker my wife says to me "are you getting a desert?" and I said "nah I ate pretty bad today" and then she says "they have fried ice cream" Ok what the hell, she brings me to a place that has "fried ice cream"?? this concept defies common sense to me to fry ice cream (as if its not fattening enough alone!) so I asked wify "are you getting some?" she said yes but that she wouldn't share! (half kidding but serious enough that I decided to get one for myself) now what this is, is a scoop of vanilla ice cream and apparently it gets dropped into a deep fryer and then placed on a plate and covered in either chocolate sauce or honey, yeah evil I know but it was good and I only ate part of it but I would say that I was a very naughty boy last night when it comes to eating.

Other than the HUGE meal I did good for the day sticking to calories and had about 800 to burn on dinner but obviously went over, no worries though that is how do you say? calorie cycling! yeah uh thats what I will call it. Seriously though one bad meal in a sea of good ones will not derail the program, it will not kick me into a downward spiraling binge cycle, it is what it is and thats a life style change. I don't plan on never eating cheese cake again, I do not foresee a future filled with never having a bacon pizza again, it is all about moderation and steady as she goes. I can afford to eat that way once in a while, I can have my cake and eat it too per se. Its sort of like my birthday, I have had a rum cake on my birthday since I can remember and this year I will have one again just like last year and every year before going back more than 30 years, but then maybe thats what got me into this mess in the first place! I honestly look at this as a lifestyle change and not a diet so that steak is no worries at all. I think thats how many people that are on "diets" sabotage themselves back into bad eating, I had been craving a steak for a couple weeks so I had it and now that craving is gone and even if its not I can talk myself into the fact that I just had one of the bes steaks of my life, for those that do not know Steak IS the end all of meals for me and I now do not eat red meat so its been a while. When we eat bad and then think that it somehow justifies that next morsel of goodness and the next and the next is where the failure to lose the weight happens, moderation is the king of weight loss.

Thank you for reading along and don't forget that glass of H2O that ya just earned, and remember folks, YOU have to make the decision to drop the weight, there is no one else that can make you do it.

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  1. Sometimes you gotta do it - plus having a day now and then where you exceed your calories helps give your metabolism a little boost. I'm glad you had a great date!

  2. Huge congrats on the booth man. That is awesome, how good that must have felt. And I love the attitude with dinner. Hell yes, glad you enjoyed the meal!

  3. Congrats on fitting in the booth! I'm glad you enjoyed your meal, it makes it easier to stay on track without having an "all or nothing" mentality.

  4. Yay for the booth. Yay for steak. I love red meat. I know....nice way to treat yourself. I think you have the resolve to go pack to your programw/out being derailed.

  5. Sometimes you just gotta let it happen!! Just get right back on track..Glad you enjoyed your date and good job sitting/fitting in that booth!! YEAH!!

  6. You had the dinner you set out to have.

    You had a good time, ate real food and used common sense!

    THAT is what this journey is about!!

    Cool - on the booth!!

  7. did you NOT wanna dance around the restaurant and sing IM IN A BOOOOTH IM IN A BOOOOOOTH.

    or would that just be me? :)

    and yes. now you have me craving steak.

    thanks for that.