Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A woah moment compare photo.

Sunday wify and I decided that we were going to move a few pieces of furniture around and one of those pieces was an old dresser that had been in our basement for a couple of years and it was in the basement at our new home too so it had to be brought up. As we were coming up the stairs with it I took most of the weight of it as she brought it up one stair at a time and I could feel my back start to twitch at my injury and then yesterday right before we left to go sledding I had some pain in my back and took a couple aleve and it was fine all day but just before bed I could feel that it was sore, welp this morning I woke up and its thumping so I will refrain from riding my bike for a day or two, hopefully it will go away as the day progresses but not the best start to a day that I have had in a while.

A couple weeks ago my Mother in law made a disk with some images on it that flashed by with some music playing of the whole family and as I watched it with wify an image flashed across the screen that made wify hit pause then back it up and she was floored at how she and I looked in that photo. So onto the phone she went and asked her mom for a copy of the picture, it turns out that it is a picture she took during Thanksgiving 2007 and we just never seen it. This was the first year that we were back in CT so we were both very rotund at that time and I have to say when I saw the photo I do not remember my wife being that heavy, ever! so last night we got a copy of the picture and I thought it would be cool to take a new picture in the same clothing that we had on in that old picture, the resulting comparison picture just floored me have a look for yourself.

Same shirts on the both of us, you can click on the image for a full sized view, I have a neck in that second one! Wify is beautiful in both pics if ya ask me.

My intake yesterday seemed to me like it was going to be rough to keep under my goal limit but I did it by having a light dinner, early in the day because of going sledding I had eaten a zone bar while there and it threw me off a bit and I was coming in low for the end of the day so I made Tuna sandwiches on light rolls for dinner and it worked out good. I came in at 1580 total calories for the day and other than the soreness in my back the week is off to a good start, have a look at yesterdays menu.


8:00 AM
2 cups honey combs 220
1 cup 1% milk 110

12:00 PM
1 zone bar 210
1 packet hot chocolate 110

1:45 PM
2.7 oz ground turkey 110
1 80 cal roll 80

2:15 PM
1 serving of mac n cheese 300

5:45 PM
1 can tuna 150
1 T miracle whip 35
2 80 cal rolls 160
1 dill pickle 10

9:00 PM
1 pear 85

Not so bad of a day intake wise and a bit of pain in my lower back but I am optimistic about this week because even though I am taking it easy on the bike I will make sure that I fall below my intake limits every day. Thank you for reading along and thank you for all of the support that you all leave me every day, it does more for me than you know. I am well on my way to meeting my goal of weighing less than 300 pounds by the end of June this year, and I hope to maybe give someone else a push into a healthy lifestyle by staying on top of my posts here, and now its time to drink that glass of H2O that you earned for reading this post.

hop to it!

As Ever


  1. I don't remember us looking like that at all. That picture really hit home for me. I wonder what I would have thought if I saw it before we started losing weight. Probably would have just rolled my eyes and felt like another crappy pic of me and threw it on the bottom of the pile.

    Well, I'm glad we have it. It will be a good compare pic as we continue to strive for our goals.

    Love ya babe!

  2. You both do look great. I keep telling hubby we need to take a comparison picture like that too. You both are doing so great, way to go!!!

  3. that photo literally made my jaw drop! you both look so amazing now. i guess sometimes you have to see it to believe it.

  4. My little sister suggested this blog to me. I my doctor suggested the weight loss surgery, but I am scare of it for many reasons, not the least of which is blood clots in my legs. It is interesting to see someone else in this situation. I keep wondering if I can do it myself.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! and vtoria2003, yeah you can do it yourself, if I can why not you? who is your sister? has she ever commented? I wish you luck with your weight loss however you choose to do it.

    As Ever

  6. You both look so different. A lot younger, too!

  7. You both look like different people. Keep up the good work. That pic must be so motivating for you to stay the course.

    Jared from 12MillionSteps.com

  8. Tony...is that an "Adam's Apple" I see in the recent pic?! The picture is amazing of both of you! Look how much of a difference a year and two months plus a LOT of hard work can make!! Way to go, both of you!