Sunday, January 25, 2009

A cold lazy Sunday.

Lazily sitting around the house on this cold Sunday afternoon, we had a high of 38 degrees yesterday so it was a beautiful January day here in New England, but such is many a day here in the good ol North East we had a 29 degree swing over night and we woke up to 9 degrees. I have the crock pot full of pinto beans and pork neck bones cooking since 10am and we are having a whole chicken roasted for dinner so thats helping keep the house nice and warm, well that and I have the wood burner going in the basement. Something is amiss with my body though, I am unsure if that steak dinner threw my body into some kind of rebellion or if its the Cargo ships holding in port but I am up 4 pounds since Friday's weigh in, I know that I did not gain 4 pounds in a day and a half so I believe that its a combination of those things along with the fact that I only drank about 32 oz of water Friday and a pair of cherry cokes at dinner and then yesterday I had only one gallon of green tea and nothing else so I may be slightly dehydrated which I believe to be the case.

My guess is this week will be one with a small loss and if it is, no worries because I am already ahead of schedule with my goal of hitting 300 by the end of June though I am a little anxious to hit that 200 pound lost mark thats going to happen in about 20 pounds. As I type this re-hydration with my special blend of home brewed green tea is happening and I have 2 gallons made in the kitchen and ready to go, Wify has finally seen the light and has decided to bite the bullet and hop on my green tea train, she asked if I would start making a gallon for her when I make mine because of this plateau she has hit with her weight loss. She does not enjoy the taste of green tea (shame on her!) but she sees what its done and is doing for me so she is sold.

Otherwise everything is where it should be and I am on track, before the day is up I plan on filtering that 2 gallons of tea through me and making sure that I am hydrated to proper levels. I will ride my bike just as soon as I hit the post button on this entry and thats all a fella can do. What will you do today to assure that you are doing all that you can to drop some weight? or just get healthier in general? you can always start with a glass of water and move up from there, it works..

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Loved hearing you and the wifey got to go out alone and enjoy a great dinner. I wouldn't worry about the gain like you said you know you didn't eat that much extra food. You'll be to that 200 mark before ya know it.

    Yea, I'm not a green tea drinker either but I think your mix doesn't sound to bad, I've yet to try it though. Maybe this week I'll buy some and get brewing.

  2. No worries on the gain you're seeing - I have found that there is so much salt in the foods that you get at restaurants, that it's a given that you'll retain H2O. Keep drinking that green tea, and it'll flush outta your system in no time! That reminds me - gotta start a couple gallons brewing tonight for tomorrow. Congrats on the loss this week - and keep warm - we've got both woodstoves cranking out the BTU's during this cold snap. NW CT is COLD these days!

  3. What is your special concoction with the green tea? I am too, yeah, busy to look for it.

    I have issues with the big ship leaving the port at well. Have an extra apple or wait for the beans to get on board...that oughta do it.

  4. Just drank a 24 ounces of water thank you.

    I'm interested in why you started the green tea thing, and admitting my naivete about the topic, what is the benefit of it, why do it, etc?

    Have a great one man.