Sunday, January 18, 2009

Challenge accepted and done!

With Sunday comes some snow, I woke up this morning to about 4 inches of fluffy snow and saw a chance to get in some movement so out I went and shoveled the driveway and parking areas outside our home. Yesterday got a bit busy and I did not have a chance to post the results from my challenge, I did the 26 minutes that I owed from all of your comments (thanks guys!) and then I got off of the bike and did some push ups and stretched a bit then it was onto the 20 minutes that I owed for the 4 pound loss this week. The break was needed between the minutes so that blood flow could resume in my arse, I really need to figure out a way around that because a 46 minute ride is not beyond me I could have ridden all 46 straight easily but apparently my rump says otherwise.

I mentioned that we got busy yesterday, well during that I bought a new digital camera so I can resume posting photos of my own again. our old digital camera was dropped while we were painting before we moved in and it would not focus and since it was a couple years old we decided it was just time to buy a new one instead of getting the old fixed. This also means that I can start getting compare pics again for my shirtless skivvys months end pics again, and I am excited about the first one since it has been a couple months since I took one, and wify says that she can see a difference from the last set of pics until now! I bought a 4M SD card and the display says that I can take 3400 pictures and have them on the card all at once so plenty of room for new pics which like I mentioned means more for the blog. When I first started this blog I would post photos of my meals, quick snaps of where I was along with pics of yours truly more often and I look forward to doing that again. The new camera we bought also takes video with sound so maybe look for a video message soon from me as well! ahhh the things that excite me are sometimes small.

My intake was right on schedule Saturday coming in at 1685 total calories and wify made breakfast for dinner last night, She made me maybe the best omelet that I have ever had! 3 eggs, 1 oz mexican blend light cheese, mushrooms, onions, chopped up turkey pepperoni, crushed garlic, sliced tomato and enough jalapeño to fry someones guts, and man it was good! I had a sliced dill pickle on the side along with my green tea. Todays dinner menu will include turkey burgers and a veggie and of course my green tea so two great dinners in a row this weekend. I have to go downstairs chop up some wood and get the wood stove burning so I will end this here for now, Thanks for all of the comments turned minutes and don't forget to drink that glass of H2O for making it through another one of my posts.

As Ever


  1. Well done, friend. I can't wait to see new pictures. I need to start doing that myself. Maybe it'll help keep me going.

    Have a great week.

  2. how sweet is your wife.
    yep. long post and I got tripped up by the loving fact she made you breakfast for dinner and that you said how fab it was.
    I might need to get my husband to make *me* dinner tonight as a result :)

  3. Hi friend, congrats on your big loss this week! I was out of town, so was not neglecting your big day on purpose - just in a non-internet zone for a couple days.. Glad to hear you rode the bike like a maniac! I can't help but think how awesome it is that you blog this experience. It helps you, but it also helps so many other people. Yay for sharing.. haha

  4. cant wait to see the photos! i dont have the guts to do shirtless ones but there you go.

    good luck for the rest of the week.

  5. Way to go! I can't wait to see the photos you take with the new camera!