Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New goals and a challenge for Friday.

I started this blog a bit more than a year ago, I started it to stay accountable with my weight loss and it has become more than that for me, I enjoy writing every day and I love hearing input be it negative or positive, most is positive but there are always the people that see it wrong."are you trying to be like most overweight people that say, "I'll start exercising tomorrow" and then never do?" That is a comment someone left for me after reading my post yesterday where I mentioned that I want to start seriously strength training when I hit 300 pounds. That comment floored me and then I realized that this person probably has not read my blog or at least paid attention to it if they have. I almost let myself respond with a snarky comment of my own but then realized that my mantra is negativity breeds more of the same and well thats just not me. If I was "trying to be like most overweight people that say, "I'll start exercising tomorrow" and then never do?" I would no doubt still weigh 534 pounds and I will leave it there.

Things are on track here, this week is coming along nicely says the scale this morning so I am in a great mood today despite the 13 degree windy day we have here in good old New England. I am planning on indoor cardio for the day in the way of a ride on the good ol stationary bike because of the weather and thats fine by me but I do have to admit that I am starting to get a bit of cabin fever and really would like a nice walk, as soon as the weather cooperates a bit it shall be so.

Since I have my bike set up in its new home I think it is time for another Friday challenge as well, I will for every pound that I lose ride my stationary bike for 5 minutes and one extra minute for each comment that I get before midnight on Fridays weigh in post. The last time I did one of these challenges to myself my legs hurt for a week! but it is time for another one. I will pay these minutes on the Saturday following weigh in and I will post when it is done, so here you have he chance to make me move more and help me get that 300 pound by June goal. How does that sound? feel like making a fat man work for his waist line? Oh, the only catch is that you need to drink a glass of H2O along with your post, so its a win win!

Intake for yesterday went as follows.


8:30 AM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

11:00 AM
2.5oz ground turkey 100
1 80 cal roll 80

1:15 PM
2 80 cal rolls 160
1 T peanut butter 100
1 T jam 50

4:15 PM
dannon yogurt 80

6:15 PM
2 gortons fish fillets 340
9oz sweet potato fries 225
kidney beans 170

8:00 PM
1 pear 85

8:45 PM
1 pear 85

Grand total of 1675 calories so again right on the money if not a bit heavy on the carbs its not too bad of a menu. I usually don't eat many pre packaged meals lately but my daughter loves those Gortons fish fillets and we haven't had them in a while so onto the menu they went. This is no longer something I have to try to do, I AM doing it, I am eating properly and exercising daily and waddya know? health is happening right before my eyes! Yesterday while talking to a friend I found out that I personally know two people now that weigh more than me so I am no longer the heaviest guy I know! that in itself is very cool to me. I was also talking to My father who weighs 265 pounds and stands 6'2" tall last night, we were talking about my weight loss and I told him that I would weigh less than he does soon and his response was "no way" so I think I may just set a new goal weight to be 265 pounds, because you know I gotta prove the old man wrong! Thats the end todays post, make sure to tune in tomorrow, same bat time same bat channel, and don't forget that glass of H2O that you just earned for reading!

As Ever


  1. I really like the Friday challenge thing, I might "borrow" it some time if you don't have any objections.

    Also,I was wondering what your targert caloric intake is daily? I assume its 1700 or 1800 a day based on what you've talked about before, but I wanted to know for sure and was also wondering if you have goals around anything else, fat grams specifically, but also carb, proteins, fiber, etc.

    Glad to hear the week is progressing nicely. Be well.

  2. SoC, My target caloric range is 1700, I don't fret if I go over that by much but I do try and keep it below or at as much as possible, as far as the fat/carb/protein goes I honestly do not track it. I try to eat balanced, sometimes it seems balanced and like yesterdays menu sometimes its heavy in one thing or another (carbs yesterday) I try and get 20-30 minutes of cardio in 5 times per week, sometimes its more and sometimes its less, the basic idea behind what i do is move more eat less and its been working so far so I stick to it. I did track carbs/fat/protein for a time back a few months but did not find any benifit from it other than knowing what the ratio was, I found out that I eat pretty balanced when its averaged out so i stopped tracking it, which does not mean I am unaware of the amounts :)

    I use to weight lift a lot when I was younger and plan on getting back into that when I get to 300 pounds, I figure if I lose a little slower for that last 25 pounds but I am gaining some of the muscle back that I have surely lost during this weight loss process that its ok. that and the fact that i will help fill in some of the skin that I will surely have at that point by doing so.

    Thanks for the continued encouragement and comments :)

    As Ever

  3. Gorton's has some of the BEST frozen fish....try their grilled flame broiled salmon sometime!

    ( word verification on this post comment was "BE LESS" - how appropriate for me)

  4. If I had a nickel for every comment I got like that one....
    Keep up your AWESOME work. i am so glad you found me a few months back!

    There is very few people that lost the weight you have, remember that!

  5. Here's to your bike ride. I enjoy reading your blog. Rock on!

  6. you truly are inspirational man. I love checking your blog daily. Not only do you have the weight loss thing figured out, but your a great writer too.

  7. Well here's one more comment to keep you on the bike!

  8. Congrats on your WL this week! That is excellent!