Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An afternoon interlude to go with this mornings post.

22 degrees outside, the lake is frozen, 25 minutes on the stationary bike, some push ups and a nice long stretching routine later I feel energized. this morning I was thinking about how I still have more than 85 pounds to lose to get to my goal of 275 pounds (see the post below) and how I have already lost 172 pounds since last year but thinking that 85 pounds is still a lot of weight. With that said I know that I will hit my mark this year and I know that I will be that much more informed and knowledgeable on the subject in that same time. cool air, a sweaty back (sweaty fat dude image for ya there, enjoy!) escalated heart rate and I am 25 cardio minutes stronger than this morning and a tad bit more flexible, do you want to try and knock me off of the hill? nah come on up with me, there is room for all of us here.

Cold glass of Green tea with splenda and lime to go with the sweat and warm fuzzy feeling and no other reason for this interlude.

that is all.

As Ever


  1. I just so happened to stumble across your blog. It's very inspiring! :) Keep up the good work, I'm rooting for you!!!

  2. how I have already lost 172 pounds since last year.
    amazing. we need to get thee to Oprahs couch.

  3. I love your graphic of the rainbow island with joyous flying people! You're doing awesome, friend!