Thursday, January 1, 2009

False starts

It is Monday so I am starting on a diet. January first has come so I pledge that I will try and lose weight this year. It is my birthday so the time has come for me to drop a few pounds. What exactly is it about these things that make people decide this will be the day that they wait until to start getting healthy? is Friday not as good a day to begin being healthy? how about right now? middle of the day Any day. The same can be said about when a person perceivably messes up and eats beyond their limits that they themselves set, Well I did eat that donut so I will start eating right again tomorrow, I do not understand this way of thinking and maybe that is why I have been as successful as I have been in my weight loss journey, says the guy that weighed 500 plus pounds and in fact did start on a January 1st, But it is true. I use to think that way myself, I use to be that guy that would say, oh well I ate that Taco bell so I will start fresh tomorrow again instead of admitting to myself that I did have a bad meal and just move on, but that doesn't stop the fact that eating healthy most of the time is better than these false starts that so many of us have done and still do.

Where is the significance in starting on Jan 1st or on Monday? because it is the start of a new year? or because the weekend is gone so we have five whole days of day to day that will keep us busy? how about when February comes around? or what happens on Friday at 5PM? holding steadfast is the key, Starting tomorrow will allow you to have that 12oz steak with an extra helping of butter laced mashed potatoes and a couple of beers for dinner and that may be why we convince ourselves that we need to have a beginning date, time or some other non relevant event to start eating right. It is almost as if people set themselves up for failure or give themselves an out for when a slip happens, one last hurrah before becoming healthy, not unlike a bachelor party where the groom to be justifies the fact that he slept with the stripper by calling it one last time before the knot is tied, He still cheated on the woman that he supposedly loves no matter how its cut and maybe he isn't ready to get married just yet, that steak and beer are looking a lot like that stripper, hmmm there has to be a joke in that one somewhere. There is no reason to not start eating healthy right now, not tomorrow at noon, and not because your sister is starting next week, right now make the commitment to lose the weight that is holding you back, don't sleep with the stripper, put the fork down and step away from the plate with your hands in the air, trust me it will be ok.

Don't forget that glass of H2O that you earned by reading this post.

As Ever


  1. I love your writing you bring us along for the proverbial ride and then smack us in the face with reality at the end.

    it's a new day.
    let's make it a good one.

    it's a new year.
    let's make it a GREAT ONE.

  2. I love the sleeping with the stripper analogy. That's a good one. :) I've "slept with the stripper" many times before, I admit. I don't really understand why we think that way, either.

    Oh doesn't really matter now because the knot has been tied. I'm on a roll, and there's no going back now!