Saturday, January 10, 2009

A random Saturday post for your eyes only.

So this morning became our "bulk shopping day" we woke up around 6:00am and got ready to head out and were out the door by 8:00am, we went so early because of the snow that we were expecting today. Two stores later we were on our way home with so many groceries that our car looked like a low rider and we will be set for about a month worth of meals. By the time we arrived home it had not started snowing yet so I decided that I would load the bin in the basement with some firewood for the wood burning stove down there and we loaded and split just about 1/4 cord of wood from a stack we had in the back, so exercise was had in the way or 40 minutes of loading and splitting wood.

I am very tired today because there is a kitten in our home now and it thinks that it has a California king size bed of its own, he is sadly mistaken! for Christmas we decided that it would be nice to get the kiddos a pet, we came up with a secret code and put it into my sons stocking and the key for the code was put into my daughters stocking so that my son had a moment of "OMG How do I figure this out!" and when they got the two together He started figuring out the code but somewhere along the lines Wify (yeah I am blaming her) messed up the code. Long story short we got a Kitten for the kids from the Humane society and he has been terrorizing me since. He never stops moving and jumps on me at every inopportune time that he can, I was starting to regret this little ball of fur and then this morning my daughter woke up with a pretty rough cough and was miserable as I stood in the kitchen talking to wify in she walked and says "the kitty came to say Hi!" all smiles so the week of being annoyed all went away in that tiny moment, here is a look at Sylar, yep we named Him after the head peeler on the tv show Heroes.

Oh yeah I said I was tired, I watched Gran Torino last night and if you are a Clint Eastwood fan You will most likely enjoy this movie, But I was up until after 1am and then was up around 6:00 am so only about 5 hours sleep and a pretty busy day and now wify is asking me to bring my Stationary bike upstairs into the "yoga room" so that we can turn it into our rec room tomorrow as we are just about wrapped up with unpacking, so as I type this she is my background noise (I will catch hell when she reads that last part).

Intake for yesterday was 1665 so right on the money as far as that goes, (now I am getting scolded for leaving a razor on the sink) "You shaved once and there are 3 razors on the sink!" doesn't she realize that I am writing a post? Ok so back to the post, Todays calories are on par so far, we just had BLT's for dinner made with turkey bacon on whole wheat, they were pretty good and I think I might add them to the menu more often. Tomorrow will surely bring me some more exercise ala nature because the man in the plastic box says that we will end up with more than 10 inches of the white stuff by morning and I can honestly say I am looking forward to shoveling that driveway tomorrow afternoon, and accidental exercise is the best kind it makes the on purpose kind feel like its extra and its a perpetual feeling of accomplishment that only feeds the want to do more.

Tomorrow is a new day and today is now and we must continue to strive to be our best and do our best, because we are the only one that controls the destiny which lies before each and every one of us.

Now go get a glass of water, ya know you need it!

As Ever


  1. aw cute kittie..I took in a stray cat and we named him Opie..and he is now about 18 months old or so...and he will still sometimes try to attack us (jump on us and dig in or bite) when we walk through a room!

    I lost 5 pounds last week....had more of a "free day" today which I said I was not going to do..but I was craving something sweet and baked a few cookies which I then proceeded to eat all of them. NOT good...

    so back on track again now...and I DID write down in my journal all my calories and what I ate...even all those cookies. If I am not accountable my lifestyle would never change so it must be done.

    Thanks for your inspiration to keep going in the right direction....although sometimes it seems it will take an eternity to get there. I am breaking my goals down into small doable ones...which will lead to the ultimate goal....but it still takes TIME!

  2. Wives do tend to get a bit unreasonable when we filter them out.

  3. AWWW...I love cats. :) If you don't love cats yet, you will soon enough! :) I bet your daughter really enjoys the new playmate, too, huh? Hope she's feeling better now. My little one has got a bit of a cold now...I'm hoping it doesn't turn into anything more.