Monday, January 5, 2009

More talk and a picture for your enjoyment.

Its Monday, but then you probably knew that so you're welcome for the redundancy. I have been eating within my caloric allowance for the second week now and feel great! I don't know if I am just able to relax a bit more now that we're settled in so I am feeling more full of energy or if the fact that I am eating within my range and just feel good about it, either way its a good thing. I am back to brewing my own green tea again and have already had a gallon today and judging by my weight I would say that I am completely hydrated again.

I was giving my goal of being under 300 pounds by June 30th some thought and at this point I am very optimistic about hitting that weight by then, I just wish the weather would cooperate so that I could get some walks into my day. It has been in the low teens and single digit temperatures dipping into the negative numbers with the wind chill all while being wet and snowy around here lately, and much of the time I have to take my daughter along in her stroller and I don't want to make her put up with the weather so I have been not walking. The exercise shall return soon but for now I am watching the intake closely and keeping it where it needs to be, I mentioned that I was making an exercise/rec room in the new house and thats still in the plans but which room will be that room may be changed so it is not set up as of yet so the bike is just sitting jammed into a corner of a room that we are not using just yet.

The picture on the left was taken on the same day in August that the infamous picture that got me thinking was taken, and the second was on Dec 31st 2008, my what a year can do!

My calories for Sunday came in at 1705 and I call that a successful day intake wise, I did get in some movement yesterday as well in the form of arranging and cleaning up my basement which included re stacking some firewood into a bin down there, moving some dressers around and moving 100% of the boxes that are down there into more manageable positions, the whole thing took about 45 minutes and now we have room to walk around in our basement. I can't wait for spring so that I can go through my back yard and tear up all of the saplings and brush that has grown because the previous owner just didn't care about that part of the yard, I want to clean it all up back there as there are a lot of branches and limbs that have fallen in the past couple weeks and drop some grass seed down and see what we end up with, rough would be ok with me nice and level would be even better. I also plan on putting a fence in the front of the house at some point along with a lot of other things including but not limited to a garden. I am looking at all of this as physical movement an opportunity to burn some calories all while accomplishing something that needs to be done.

A well thought out plan for the year is what I have I think, It is in fact better thought out than last years plan and look what I did with that! My wife has also decided to join back in the fun and drop a few more pounds this year, she had stopped trying to lose a while back after losing 60 + pounds last year and She has maintained the weight that she stopped at for a few months now, she is my conscious many times so I want to help her get where she wants to as well. I appreciate the support that she gives me and I have said it before she is a huge part of my success thus far. I hope that by the end of this year I can say that I have lost a total of 259 pounds and I plan on doing everything that I can to achieve that goal which was set on Jan 1st 2008, if I can hit that mark it will be the lightest that I can EVER remember weighing, honestly if I get under 303 pounds I will be lighter than any known weight for myself.

Keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times kids, its gonna be a good one!

As Ever


  1. It's great that your wife is involved as well. I couldn't do it without the support of my wife.

  2. Congrats on getting back on that horse! I've got two one-gallon pitchers of tea "cooking" on the counter as we speak, and am pushing to keep myself honest in the numbers department.

    Have fun with the new yard - planning the garden (with the new food lifestyle in mind) is great fun, and it's terrific exercise, when the digging starts. We just gotta wait for CT spring to arrive (sometime between April and the first weekend in July!).


  3. More great pictures man, you have no idea how much that is inspiring me right now. THx!

  4. I can remember when you were so paranoid about your anonymity of this blog that you wouldn't even think of posting a real picture of yourself! That little drawing was our first peek at you. Whoever drew that may need to take another look at you now, because you look so much different now!

    Glad to hear wify's back on the wagon! She's done great to maintain this long! It does make it easier to stay on track when your spouse is on track, too. I just wish my husband and I would quit screwing each other up, diet-wise. We've got to do better!

  5. It's not fair I'm the only one that seems to have a turkey chin lol. What a great transformation, way to go on all your hard work this year.